Be your own Decision Maker


This week, I have been focusing on how to live life with a positive attitude. In order to bring positive vibes into our lives, positive choices and changes have to be made. To make changes one must make decisions. So what exactly is a decision? Defining a Decision Merriam-Webster dictionary describes a decision as a “conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.” Yeah, that’s helpful...but let’s make it relatable. For me, decisions can be big or small, hard or easy, life-changing or mundane. It involves a lot of thought and calling friends and family for opinions. I have always treated making decisions, as tallying up all the opinions of others and that would give me my answer...


I have been making decisions the wrong way for almost my whole life. I realize now, the most helpful thing is recognizing when it is up to YOU and only you to make the decision, leaving out the opinions of others. But this involves some soul-searching. You must know yourself before anything.

Why do we seek the opinions of others before our own? So often we are caught up in how we need to act or how people judge us. This kind of attitude clouds our ability to know who we are, what we like, and what our true personality is. Knowing yourself is critical in understanding what kind of decision you are making. Here are some great resources to better understand yourself:

- Take a personality test. Check out this article by Huffington Post for the best test for you.

- Buy a journal with prompts. Aim for prompts that ask you to reflect on yourself or look up prompts online and use them to write about yourself once a day. Great questions could be: What is the best part of my personality? Or What do I value the most in life? Here is a great resource for the best self-reflection journals

- Go on a retreat. There are so many retreats these days, try to find one that focuses on resetting yourself and finding inner peace. Here is a great site for all retreats:

You are your best asset for making decisions. Make positive ones and own your life!