3 Things to Know to Create the Life You Want

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I am creating the life I want.  This is my Daily Affirmation and it feels especially good this week to say it because I really believe that I am!  We create or co-create the life we live in. You’re probably thinking, “No, not me, I didn’t ask for this!” You may not have “wittingly” asked for your current situation, but that does not inhibit your ability to create the life you want now.  Put these 3 things into practice and start living your best life…

  1. Everyone is interconnected.  We are all interwoven like fabric.  It is our spirit that binds us together as one.  Our body is the tool to carry out transactions from our mind.  From your spirit level, however, everything you do and encounter intersperses with the infinity of other souls and creates Life itself.  Therefore, everything you do matters, and you are to proceed with deliberate awareness of your choices.

  2. What you give, you receive.  This is the Law of attraction.  The energy you put out is what you receive.  Do you want a promotion? Start thinking like a boss.  You want to be healthier. Start infusing wellness thinking in everything you do. You want unconditional love, start giving unconditional love. Remember #1. What you do, what you think and all of your choices have universal repercussions that ultimately come back to you.

  3. Intention set in Spirit is Power. When you embrace #1 & #2, you can set your intentions into the Universe, the quantum, the spirit or however you perceive it, and you will become abundantly blessed. This is how it works in as simple terms as I can put it.  

So take some time and look at your life, where it is going right, and where you want to transform.   To illustrate the process for the 3 Understandings, let’s say you want a new job or promotion, or maybe more money.  

#1 Be deliberate about your connections.  Do you understand how what you do makes more or less work for your coworkers, how it impacts your customers and impacts the planet? Do you understand the type of job you want, why it is important to the betterment of the company or society? Yes?  Great!

#2 Give your best. Are you helping your co-workers and your boss meet objectives or are you just hating Finance for doing their job?  Are you taking ownership, giving creative ideas and lifting up other people with praise and appreciation? Are you putting out positive energy to attract the new job or are you still mad and stewing over the injustice from the last one?   Great! Your positivity will breed positive outcomes. There can be no other way.

#3 Then because your actions are thoughtful from #1, and you are giving positive energy in everything that you do in #2, then you can set an intention, or Ask into the spirit, and it will be given to you.  Most people think they can just ask and it is supposed to just happen.  You are a co-creator. There is work to do. The Universe instructs you to first abide by these principles, then ask.

Then 1,2,3 & voila! You’re living your best life!

Love, Light & Courage,