The AKA Manifestation

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Shoo-be-doo, Shoo-be-do uh uhhuh…Destination AKA, sorors on our way!

I can NOT get this song out of my head!  I just came back off of a 30-year Anniversary Cruise with 49 of my closest line sisters :), and this was my favorite line tune that we strolled to.  I had so much fun I’m still flying high. Lord knows I needed it.  I am so happy to have reconnected with such strong women who are doing phenomenal things. And the support and encouragement…Ahhmaaazing.  I mean, who doesn’t need that?  Do you know that love and gratitude are on the same energetic frequency in which the Universe receives and manifests your heart’s desires? I don’t plan to waste it.  When you’re on the creation plane, you must take advantage of it, and here is how…

Dreamwalk. Reevaluate goals and aspirations, put pen to paper to brainstorm and update your dreams.  Have you said them out loud?  Are they big enough?  Make calls and write thank you cards to continue to manifest the spirit is giving.  It comes back to you.  This is the start of a winning streak; I just know it.  It’s Christmas in March.  Ask for what you want, and give freely to bring joy to others.  Its karma, baby. Karma.

Detox. I made the paradigm shift that vacations do not have to be unhealthy with over eating and drinking.  For my entire life, that was actually the definition of vacation. On this cruise I did not count calories or points and simply ate what I wanted without being gluttonous. Still, given the high energy and good mood, it is a good time to jumpstart whatever health and wellness goals you might have.  Optimism and encouragement is all that is really needed to achieve anything.  Start with the body.  Detoxify the caffeine, sugar and chemicals hanging out in the blood and cell tissue.  Get clear and pristine so you can go with the flow and not get caught up in old habits and nasty negativity.

Meditate.  When your mood is elevated, spending time in the spirit will give you amazing clarity and direction for your life. Just like when you’re stuck or depressed and you don’t know how to get out of it, it’s the same when you’re high on life.  A wheel in motion stays in motion so use the opportunity to your advantage. Every morning I traipsed up to the Lido deck for sunrise meditation.  The breezy air, the ocean and the sunrise were a majestic canvas.  I was honored and blessed to lead 2 morning meditations. Many were first time meditators. How cool is that? I also enjoyed the guided meditation by my sands, Tawanna.  

Transform. Be the person you want to be by doing the things that the person you want to be would do.  Be healthy by eating healthy.  Get that promotion by performing at a higher level.  Exercise to regain that vitality you lost. De-stress by being kind to yourself. Manifest your best life now.

Because the Universe is kind, I just completed my second book which is on Transformation, and received my Health Coach Certification. I have decided that I am also a Transformation Coach.   And so it is.  I’m looking for an Agent, taking pre-orders, and open for appointments!  Please leave a comment of encouragement, and let me know what’s next for you and how I can help you manifest your desires.  

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Feeding your body, mind and spirit.