60-Day Wellness Program Information

Wellness Journey Wk9 6/27/19

It’s the final week of the journey!!! Tonya recaps the journey as well as leading a meditation. Also hear testimonies from others about what this journey has done for their lives.

Wellness Journey Wk8 6/20/19

In week 8 we’re talking about self-care. Whether it’s a massage or a mani-pedi, it’s essential to take time to focus on yourself. So, join Tonya and remember to take care of your self.

Wellness Journey Wk7 6/13/19

Get some ZZZ’s, count sheep, lay down or whatever you call it, this week is about rest and sleep. Learn about the benefits of giving your body and mind the time to heal and recharge!

Wellness Journey Wk6 6/6/19

Gratitude is the goal of the week. Tonya gives tips on how to be grateful, and how it can benefit your life. Tonya’s son Evan recaps the accident that left him a quadriplegic and how he stays grateful through it all.

Wellness Journey Wk5 5/31/19

This week Tonya talks about the importance of journaling. Learn about the power that expression through writing can have in your life!

Wellness Journey Wk4 5/23/19

Tonya dives into Mindful Eating for this week’s Wellness Journey Webinar. Find out what led her to write her first book, A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing, and how eating mindfully can totally shift your mindset about food!

Wellness Journey Wk3 5/16/19

THIS IS A MUST WATCH!  Tonya reveals her own awakening that happened on Day 10, and shares her epiphany which is the ultimate “Recipe for Wellness.” You have to hear this new understanding to take your Journey to the next level.  Tonya makes the case for Exercise, removes it as from being a chore in your mindset, and replaces it with a visualization of movement within your body to keep your skin, flesh and inner body lubricated and flush. A kindness to your body’s inner fluidity that feels so much better than exercise. Do yourself a favor and catchup here. 

Wellness Journey Wk2 5/9/19

This week’s video is about meditation. Learn about what it did for my life and what it can do for yours. Also hear testimonials from others in the program about how their lives have changed already.

Wellness Journey Wk1 5/2/19

This video is for the first week of the Wellness Journey. I will show you how to use the journal as you begin your transformation. I also answer your questions about the book and the retreat.

Wellness Journey Kickoff 4/30/19

Watch this video to prepare you for Days 1-10 of the Journey. I will cover the My Life Retreat where you will immerse yourself in Self Care, and really make the first commitment to improving your overall wellbeing. It all starts with knowing you already have everything you need within you.

Wellness Journey Pre-Planning Journey 4/26/19

This video is preparation call #2 to discuss changing your mindset and discovering the 7 areas of intention that will lead you to your best health and wellness. Start to commit to the process and have great expectations.

Wellness Journey Overview Session 4/20/19

This video is an overview of the Wellness Program. Learn about Tonya’s journey, and the journey you will soon embark on.

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Meditation Recordings

If you are unable to attend the morning and evening meditations led by Tonya, you can listen to the recordings of a few that have been uploaded. Meditation is a practice of stillness and devotion which calls forth the space and presence within you, to rise above any resistance in your life to your wellbeing. It is the single most important practice you can add to your daily routine to achieve happiness and inner peace.



  • Missed a Webinar or a meditation? Everything you need for your Journey can be found here: https://www.ugottaeat.com/wellness-program

  • Schedule Your Doctors Appointment & Spa Treatments!

  • Open Calls to TK for Wellness 1-on-1’s: Monday - Saturday (limited hours & 4 slots available per day) Schedule here: Calendly Link

  • Keep your meditation game strong & try to exercise 3-5 times this week 

  • Higher Practice: 1 long workout, aim for 60-mins! Remember move with intention! 

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