Tonya R. Kinlow


Tonya Kinlow is a Wellnesss Lifestyle Entreprenuer, a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Blogger and Author.  An avid foodie and mindfulness enthusiast, she is the President and Founder of UGottaEat (UGE), a mobile app to share and purchase freshly-made meals from local independent chefs. Her first book, of A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing was published in 2017.  She writes a weekly Blog, Mindfulness Matters, to raise consciousness for holistically living a healthy life. Tonya continues the expand the UGE vision to inspire holistically wellness of individuals and communities, and most recently became a Certified Health Coach.

 Before founding UGE, Tonya was a Finance Executive with more than 26 years of corporate experience. She worked as a CFO consulting with small companies, and rose through the ranks of Fortune 500 companies including Chrysler, Yum Brands!/KFC and General Electric.

 Finally, Tonya began to awaken to how to live a life of health & wellness no matter your life situation after her children were involved in a crippling car accident in 2010.  She takes great pride in being from Washington DC, and a graduate of Florida A & M University. Tonya’s greatest joys are her children Evan and Taylor, and husband, Chef Craig Stevens.

 The UGE social mission is dedicated to raising wellbeing of families by inspiring by mindfully feeding our bodies (eating), social engagement in our communities (sharing), and eliminating waste and hunger around the world (loving).