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The Government Shutdown

The US Government partially shut down beginning on December 22, 2018 after President Donald J. Trump and Congress could not agree on funding for the southern border wall with Mexico. This partial shutdown affects 9 out of 15 executive agencies including the Departments of Justice, State, and Homeland Security to name a few. Due to this shutdown 800,000 government employees are going without pay, the FDA is not inspecting our food, and 40 million americans, over 10% of the US population, will go hungry without food stamps. This shutdown has far reaching implications for many Americans regardless of age, race, or social status.

Why Should You Care?

Even if you get to eat tonight or get paid this week, your neighbor might not and that affects you too. When people can’t meet their basic needs, crime rises. People focus on survival over all else. With 10% of people already living in poverty, effectively doubling that number does no one any good, and further strains an already overloaded system. Stocks fall, property values plummet, trash piles up, and we all suffer.

What Can You Do?

Join our webinar for more info about the shutdown and what you can do to help!

Join our webinar for more info about the shutdown and what you can do to help!

Know the Facts. Understand how the government shutdown impacts the community at large and ultimately you and your family. Then speak with your local politicians because you can have a direct impact on your community when you get involved with your local government. And don’t be afraid to get involved in a grassroots effort. Revolutions always start with just a few small visionaries with a purpose and a passion. Or you can establish a community service project. You can volunteer, share your meals, make donations. The possibilities are infinite.

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We ask you to make helping people solve their food dilemma by sharing meals and finding food and opportunities or organizations that can be a resource. We ask you to join the UGE Movement to engage everyday people around this conversation, to get involved and Share your meals and any food for families in need daily, not just during the holidays.

We ask you to attend the UGE Webinar on January 29, 2019 where you will—

  • Receive updates in simple and plain English on the Government Shutdown’s impact on society.

  • Learn more about how to use the UGE app platform to mobilize sharing food with those in need in your community.

  • Learn how to join the UGE Grassroots effort to Feed the world by sharing information on accessing needed food through Social Media.

  • Sign up to learn how to start your own Community Service Campaign and make a difference.

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