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UGottaEat Chef Program - You've Arrived!

If you’re a chef, cook or caterer, you’re in the right place. You can be on board reaching hundreds or thousands of people looking for your wonderful cuisine. Whether you like cooking for just intimate gatherings of 2 or 3 or you want to cater a giant wedding with hundreds of guests, you can get started now!

To qualify for this amazing service, you’ll need to fill out our application and get approved to provide your culinary creations to all of our members. Complete the form below – it only takes about 5 minutes and you’ll be on your way. We’re currently accepting chefs, cooks and caterers. There’s no reason to wait – 5 minutes could mean thousands of dollars in your pocket.


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It's Just This Easy...

+ UGottaEat Provides:


Marketing and Advertising – We Find Customers For You!

Managing the user accounts

Scheduling of your orders and fulfillment

Secured, guaranteed payment transactions

+ Perks of Being A Chef:

BE YOUR OWN BOSS** Promote your passion for cooking & style to a wider audience.

Set your own prices & earn an income for your culinary creations.

Set your own schedule. Post set menus OR bid to prepare requested dishes posted by other UGottaEat users when YOU feel like cooking.

Be considered for the UGE Council that will advise on operating and quality standards.

Gain constructive feedback about test menu items & build your culinary portfolio.

Share meals with care, love, and the mission that everyone’s gotta eat!

+ Chef Applicant Criteria:

Provide Freshly Cooked (homemade, from scratch) Meals.

Have Food Safety Training/Certification.

Work in a Certified Safe Kitchen.

Have Insurance.

Prepare Meals with Care & Love.


What if I do not have all of the food safety certification? Not to worry, UGottaEat Chef Resources page has links to websites providing information on where to fulfill these requirements. We want to help you get to cooking, sharing, and selling your dishes!

Can I refer friends who are chefs to this membership? Absolutely! We are working to create a chef referral program. Something to the like of every chef you refer you will receive a feature on all of our social media channels or you can get a credited amount of money to your account.

When can I start cooking? UGE app will launch in late spring 2017. Once you have sent in your food handling certification, we see the contract you have with your certified commercial kitchen or have a video tour of your commercial kitchen, and you agree to all Terms of Service as a UGE member, you can use the app to post & sell your meals!

How do I know I have been accepted in the UGE Chef Program? After subscribing and submitting your application, our Leadership Team will review your application and provide you will a follow-up email within 72-hours after we receive your submission.

How do I receive the money from my sales? UGE will be using PayPal to process all payment transactions. We will be implementing the immediate transfer of revenue earned to chef accounts. Typically this takes 1 to 3 business days with PayPal.

Where can I find a commercial kitchen to work from? UGottaEat is in the process of establishing partnerships with existing commercial kitchens in your city. We will post these to our Chef Resources page and include this information in our newsletters and social media channels.

What price should I set for my meals? This is up to you. However, as a chef, you should always account for how much you spend on ingredients, time for labor and other expenses used like, the container you pack your orders in etc. An average meal price would be $8-12. Although you could also choose to post an a la carte menu, cater for a customer, or have family-style menus. These all reflects how pricing can fluctuate.

What level of commitment to I have to give as a Chef? Completely your choice! As a chef, you cook when you want to, setting your own hours. Cook when you feel most inspired or when you have free time

Do you have unanswered questions? If you have a specific question, please email