Whole Foods August Continues


Last week I declared August as whole foods month. My plan is to eat fruits and vegetables and protein.  Largely I am following the Whole30 plan if you are familiar with it.  It’s not about weight-loss although I strongly believe that a natural by-product of eating well will lead to weight loss.  Have you ever seen an obese Vegan?  They’re so slim and alert with bright eyes and what-not.  (Although I imagine them to be a little hungry.)  Anyway, this program is all about health and wellness and has a lot of meat.  Protein RICH. As I casually worked my new intentions for true well-being through eating whole foods into daily conversations, I had 2 separate people on the SAME day mention the documentary “What the Health?” on Netflix. TWO random unrelated people!  I had to check it out.  Effective Immediately upon watching I became a pescatarian (ie. No meat, only seafood).  Twelve minutes in, I’m texting my kids and my parents about bacon.  I mean that is the most impactful and educational piece I’ve encountered on the meat industry, big agriculture, big pharma, and big business & government subsidies since I read Animal Farm in the 80’s. And this powerful documentary is only a little over an hour.  Animal Farm was largely responsible for me giving up all meat except for poultry and seafood many, many years ago.  I have to give up the rest now because apparently conditions have only gotten worse. Basically I’m adding poultry to the list of things I don’t eat.  And I love me some chicken and duck, so as you can imagine, this is a big, big deal.

Here is my progress check in.  I’m 10 days in and feeling good.  My wonderful husband, Chef Craig, is helping me make this transition better than other times in the past when he would still make what he wants even if I’m on a special eating regimen (diet).  I’d say I’m eating low carb, and he makes rice and potatoes.  He explains that the rice is brown and the potatoes are natural and can be eaten in moderation.  But, but… I’m NOT eating CARBS!  Anyway, this time he is really on board except for the fancy chicken rolls he made last night.  He says he’s taking them to work for his co-workers to taste.  I didn’t ask any questions. I just got the hell out of the kitchen because I was having mixed emotions.

I’ve been eating extremely well, but my clothes feel even tighter!  I don’t know what that’s about but the book says it does happen to some people and to stick with it because the results are around the corner.  So I am practicing patience on the weight front because remember, that is not what this is about. Actually the results are already here…My skin looks great!  All this time I didn’t know the dark circles that had formed under my eyes were optional.  My energy is through the roof, and my positive outlook and attitude is at a 10.  I am so grateful for everything around me its embarrassing.  I shouted ‘Hallelujah!’ in the grocery store aisle when I found some ghee.  And I was truly happy.  :)

The book also says days 9 & 10 will be difficult because psychologically I’ll want to quit.  But I’m not going to quit.  I’m doing this thing.  I’m changing my life.  Transforming into higher well-being right before your eyes.

Stay tuned and pray for me!

UGottaEat…So eat mindfully.