What to do, What to DO?



Is it me or is America depressed right now?  Children snatched from their parents at the border, the rich and famous are committing suicide, and violence and sexual harassment are everywhere.  I am starting a movement to get everyone to SHARE as a means of elevating our mental and physical wellbeing.  How can sharing help?  I’m glad you asked…

I laid out a vision last week to use Sharing as an innovative, unconventional and holistic approach to achieving health and happiness.  Let’s start with the social aspect.  Belonging.  The country is so divisive right now.  Even while the stock market and the economy are chugging along and unemployment is down, we are more unhappy and sicker than ever. Money will not buy happiness.  Look at Spade and Bourdain.  What does bring happiness?  Belonging.

A family, a tribe, a sense of community of love and belonging is what brings happiness.  The notion that someone has your back.  Isolation and feeling like you don’t have anyone who understands you are the enemy.  Right now I am prescribing one big hug for everyone.  Seriously, I just want a big old hug, a kiss on the forehead and someone to assure me everything is going to be okay.  Am I too old to climb on my mother’s lap and lay my head on her shoulder?  Imagine her surprise. LOL.

The formula of chasing the mighty dollar, and choosing sides of them and us is not working, people.  The good news is we can fix it piece by piece and I suggest we start by sharing, and by sharing food to be more specific.  Here are the benefits of sharing...

- Activates the brains reward systems (the feel-good place) - Improves awareness - Buffers negative impacts and increases positive impacts

This is why we like to do so many things with others, and why we cherish our friends and families.  What would scary movies, or tearjerkers be without a friend to share the experience?  Or vacations to new destinations?  And all types of events from sports to concerts.  I want a date for a wedding and a friend by my side at a funeral.  I want to celebrate my winnings and spoil my friends and call a girlfriend to cry and complain when somebody does me wrong.  Even misery loves company.  It's sharing, belonging and security.

Sharing meals specifically is shown to…

  • Enhance relationships
  • Make children better adjusted
  • Reduce stress and tension

This is why we encourage family meals and sit-down dinners. It is one of the most intimate things you can do without being intimate-intimate if you know what I mean! :) You explore flavors, aromas, ethnicity, colors, balance, temperatures, etc.  This list is endless.  You fill your stomach, have conversation and make connections all by sharing meals.  It feeds you emotionally as well as physically and draws people together.

So start sharing today.  I want you to share this week.  Share time, space, money and yes, certainly food.  See how it makes you feel, and then see how good the recipient feels.  Do it over and over again.  This is a recipe for wellness and the time is upon us.  Let’s elevate the human condition consciously.

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

And Share.

I invite you to download the UGottaEat App and invite friends and family to start sharing meals today.  Elevate the human condition one meal at a time.