UGottaEat is Here!


We Officially have 14 local chefs signed up and selling fresh food on the UGottaEat (UGE) app in the Cleveland Ohio area.  These UGE Certified chefs have restaurants, or are independent chefs that use a certified kitchen, have food safety training, and are committed to providing only fresh-made meals! It’s been a long journey.  The timing has taken a lot longer than anticipated, but we’ve done it the right way.  We have been deliberate and stayed true to the mission to feed the world by providing access to delicious, unprocessed local foods to eaters who desire it.  Simple.  We have been maniacal about food safety assurances from our chefs, creating a marketplace through your smartphone app that is secure and easy, and offer a variety of convenient options for customers to get homemade meals.

So go on the app and if you live in the Cleveland area, start ordering meals for today or for next week from our cooks and chefs.  Take the worry and planning of what to eat off the table. Eventually, there will be so many chefs, with such a variety of freshly made food available at all times, you’ll never have to worry about what to eat ever again.

And if you are feeling generous and social, even if you are not a UGE Certified Chef you can use the app to share the burden of cooking with friends and neighbors and eliminate waste.  Yes. You can post meals and your friends can order. Free meals can be posted and shared by anyone.

In your city, you can make money selling meals through the UGE Marketplace by going on the My Account page on the app and clicking the Become A Chef button.  This will walk you through the application process.  Only UGE Certified Chefs can charge for meals.  You can also read about the program and apply to become a UGE Certified Chef.

Find your next homemade meal with UGottaEat.  It’s like having a personal chef in your pocket. So go on…download the app.

Also, please watch our new UGE Animated video that walks you through how UGE will be a benefit to you.