Touch... "Eating with utensils is like making love through an interpreter" - Shah of Iran on a visit to India

Some cultures eat with their hands. I love that! Why don't we? We are so worried about which fork, which glass and which bread plate is ours...

( I still have to hold up two okay signs to be sure* )

Did we actually get so caught up in etiquette and table settings that we lost track of the food?

I do so love to eat and taste food with my hands!

It's a little thing you can only do at home, and NOT in front of your kids if they are still susceptible to picking up bad habits!

There is something about grabbing or pinching the food...and feeling it on your fingers.

It could be crumbly or meaty, granular, or wet and messy.

You pick it up and are really looking at it much more than when it is on a fork!

Then, you put it in your mouth where your fingers may just graze your lips...and take that bite!

A slow chew...and then a swallow, and you really get to know the food... Then you lick your fingers...

THAT is a healthy relationship with food!

This is how it should be...

Felt. Consumed. Loved.

Close your eyes...Touch it.

Welcome Home.