Support Wellness? Actively or Passively?


Are you a Wellness Seeker? Soon, whenever you are hungry, you will be able to pull out your phone, open the UGottaEat app and find something to eat.  For over a year now, my vision is that when you are coming home from work, travel or where ever, and you’re hungry and don’t know what to eat, that you will say, “Let me see what’s on UGottaEat.” Just like you say, “Let’ see what’s on TV, or Who’s playing on Sunday?”  And you will find a variety of foods that fit your mood.  Fresh made and homemade foods that satisfy you, feed your families and share with the world. Wherever you are.  I support wellness for me, you and everyone.

Last week we held our Inaugural UGottaEat Leadership Meeting.  I was so excited to have my UGE partners in the room or attending via conference call from as far as Italy.  Many of them prepared presentations on metrics and the landscape for UGE in this current environment.  These are Active Wellness supporters because they care, they give precious time to spend strategizing, they give favorable terms, and they share the same vision.  They also know that with the right support, we all rise together.  When UGE goes national and global, so do they by association and referral. Many of them have already started doing business with one another!  That’s how support works. Its exponential.

Do an assessment.  Only takes a sec.  Are you surrounded by people who support you in generalities, but don’t actively help move you forward? Do some even unwittingly actually sabotage your desire to be happy and healthy? You know the ones that buy you a drink when you’re trying to quit.  Or they bring a dozen Crispy Creme’s when you’re battling sugar.  And what about you.  Do YOU support wellness?  Do you eat mindfully, exercise, get enough rest, and spread harmony?  Great.  Now how do you support others?  Are YOU a giver?  No not just so you can get a mention on a program or a tax deduction.

Are. You. A. Giver?

Actively support your friends who want to be well.  It doesn’t take a lot.  Maybe give some time, treat and expose them to a healthy meal, share your networks, some contacts or positive social media posts.  UGE is dedicated to wellness and sharing through mindfulness.  In whatever form that takes from meetups to apps to daily affirmations. Won’t you support Wellness…Actively?

Today’s affirmation inspired me to ask the question.  I hope it puts you in the space that’s right for you.  The following is the March 21st Affirmation from A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing:

"I am supported by others who enjoy a lifestyle of wellness.

Every day, we have the opportunity to select good choices from bad.  Sometimes without knowing, our friends can influence us during this selection process.  We’re familiar with the coworker who delightfully carries in the boxes of complimentary donuts each Friday.

Sometimes, good people can occasionally act as poor influences.  Take a step back from those who might seemingly look like good influences but might not be the best fit for your journey.  There are positive influences who can lift you up.  They will inspire you to try a veggie burger, to join them for a jog and to live a healthier lifestyle a little every day.

There is strength in numbers.  Surround yourself with the positive energy you want to cultivate.  The positivity of others will miraculously move its way over to you, and suddenly, you’re not so worried about those donuts."

I saw a clip today, from the rising comedienne, Tiffany Haddish and I quote her too…  “I curse ya’ll with Happiness.  I hope that every single one of you become so happy that you spread it.  I hope your happiness is contagious.” That’s my hope too.  Whether it’s at work, at home or in your community­–surround yourself with others who support your efforts, and then turn around and support theirs.  We all rise together.


…so eat mindfully.