3 Steps to Stop Worry


Look for Early Warning Signs Today I will slow down enough to let peace catch up with me and protect me from choices made under stress. –November 28th Affirmation in A Year of ME.

Worried about something? Stressed? We all face obstacles at one time or another.  This is the natural rhythm of life.  The problem isn’t the obstacle. The problem is the accompanied worry and anxiety. No one tells you HOW not to worry. So here are three steps to stop worrying…

1. BE STILL. The problem has been sent directly to you for a reason. Be still and pay attention to exactly what the problem is trying to tell you.

Most worry boils down to fear of finances, criticism or death. Determine which fears have you by the throat. Slow down and accept that obstacles are universal early indicator signs. They are a whisper to slow down and let peace catch up with you. It’s like an alert on your car dashboard.

2. ASK. “What am I to learn from this?”  Find the lesson, and let the decision emerge.  When you force action without being mindful, you will stay in worry longer.  Take precious time to contemplate the message. Then ask for whatever practical help is needed.

I bought a new car some years back, and an indicator light came on that I didn’t recognize. I ignored it as long as I could until I started to worry. I asked about the nature of the light and found out it meant my tires were low on air.  Had I ignored the light and had a blowout–surely I’d curse my bad luck. The Universe is always giving answers, but too often we don’t pay attention.

3. GIVE THANKS. Show gratitude for the early warning sign which brought the message to life. Give thanks for not having a flat tire that would have kept you from getting your dream job, or could have been a blowout, a multi-car accident or worse. Giving thanks is an important step, and most people miss this, so pay attention…  Gratitude is THE great elixir that opens up support from the Universe in countless ways.

You see, gratitude activates GRACE.  And grace gives you favor and peace. You can’t skip any of the steps, especially this one.  It boils down to this—It is impossible to be in gratitude and worry at the same time. One will overtake the other like love and fear or light and darkness. I am certainly struggling with obstacles much more severe than a dashboard warning light, and I am working these three steps every day.  It is a constant practice, but so worth it!

I leave you with one factoid to help you remember these steps. Kindle released this as the most highlighted scripture in the bible, meaning you are definitely not alone in your search for peace. The CAPS are mine.

“Do not be anxious about anything (BE STILL), but in every situation, by prayer and petition (ASK), with thanksgiving (GIVE THANKS), present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds (GRACE) in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

So when you worry, work the steps and be thankful for the early warning signs.

Happy Holidays!

UGottaEat…so give thanks mindfully!