Sharing Food is Wellness


I am Optimistic No I’m not.  I’m terrified.  But I believe in practicing positivity. As a Man Thinketh so he is, and all that jazz.  You talk about it, then you believe it, and then you become it. I need affirmations because the Universe is clearly calling me in a certain direction, and quite honestly, I am afraid.  Here’s why…

UGottaEat is leading a mission to promote Sharing Food as the most efficient holistic approach to achieve health and happiness for you, for others and for the earth.  Ok, so why am I scared? Because I have to convince you that this is true for a real change to happen, and I’m not sure you are ready for it.  But God says to do it afraid.  So check this out…

The top questions that I get are, “Why would anyone want to share food…Just to be nice??  I mean really, how are you going to make money off of that?”  These questions make me kind of sad. Uhhhh, yeeaahh! Be nice!  Being nice, or in service to others, is at its core all anyone is really called to do. Then the Law of Attraction boomerangs blessings back to you directly.  It is in your own self-interest to be generous.  But okay, you’ve heard all this before in church, and from your parents.  Remember the golden rule and how we were taught to share as kids? It’s as if we gave up on it and started focusing on how to make more money than the next guy.

If you haven’t heard yet, Health is the new wealth!  And here is how sharing food will improve your overall wellbeing while changing the world.  At its best, I believe it can end world hunger.

1. Sharing invites belonging and community (social). Belonging and community is key to happiness.  The feeling of isolation is what leads to depression and suicide.  We will never agree on politics.  But the need to eat is a language we all speak. Let someone know they belong. Just start with your family and friends, coworkers, or neighbors.  Go over and above.

2. Sharing optimizes resources on the planet (respect for others/esteem). By eliminating food waste, we improve earth’s sustainability.  Right now, we overproduce food in inefficient supply chains, waste the excess, and then add chemicals to extend shelf life to avoid waste. We consume the processed food and pollute the earth with yet more toxic waste. And then we do it all over again.  You can help stop the cycle by sharing. Just like you do each time you recycle.

3. Sharing will feed someone who is hungry (security). I guarantee that you know someone who struggles to eat. Statistically, 1 in 6 kids in America is hungry right now. You definitely know someone who is food insecure.  People don’t talk about it.  It’s a secret.

4. Sharing Fresh Food is Healthcare reform in action (health & safety). Plant based and fresh foods are like medicine. Your vibrant health is the real cure to chronic diseases and the solution to our uncertain healthcare system.

5. Sharing food for the above reasons is in itself Mindfulness (self-actualization). Your understanding and active sharing will make a difference in yourself, others and the planet. The more you share food, you begin to hang out in a space of giving, compassion, friendliness, and gratitude.  This is higher consciousness stuff here.  You give and you will receive the fruit of the spirit.

Without realizing it, just by sharing food, you touch on all human basic needs and elevate the human condition. It’s time to make a REAL change.  Change your mindset and make an active difference with one simple act of kindness.  If you can agree with any of the reasons above, then take your first action and mindful decision SHARE this post. Then Share your food.  And together we’ve just changed the world. Think about it.

I AM optimistic! :)

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.