Need Much? How I lost 30lbs. in 4 weeks


Last month I went to Costa Rica to learn about improving my overall health & wellness. I went to 2 different locations and had to catch one of those puddle-jumper planes with a weight maximum of 30lbs. for luggage.  This includes carry on and purse.  Did you catch that? Only 30lbs. including the weight of the luggage itself, for 2 weeks of belongings!  This would easily be a 60lbs. trip.  And so, because the universe is kind (and ironic), my lessons for overall wellbeing began 4 weeks prior to the actual excursion with this exploration… What does one really, really, REALLY need?

Decision 1. I bought lightweight luggage.  Twelve pounds between the backpack and mini-roller. But I saved about 8 lbs.  Still leaves me with a paltry 18 pounds of capacity to pack.

Decision 2. On travel days I wear ALL of the accessories, the jacket, and the heaviest shoes. Only pack flip-flops and running shoes. I just saved 5lbs.

Decision 3.  I only need 1 week of clothes. I commit to washing by hand or laundry service. That cuts the normal packing weight in half. Another 5lbs gone. I’m on fire now!

My purse contains makeup, a wallet, hand sanitizer, pens, cards, so on and so forth. You get the point.

Decision 4.  Ditch everything but the money, a credit card, passport, and cell phone.

Decision 5.  Take the iPad which doubles as a laptop and for reading materials.  No computer nor old-school paperback books needed.  I just saved another 10lbs.

Toiletries, makeup and hair products are INSANE. What’s in your bathroom?

Hair:  Shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and moisturizer.

Face:  Makeup in multiple colors.  Plus brushes to apply after all the cleansers, exfoliates, moisturizers, SPF and anti-aging serums (which crack me up!).

Body: Shower gel followed by a body spray and an accompanying lotion. Whoever invented layering is a rich genius.

Only 30lbs. including the weight of the luggage itself
Only 30lbs. including the weight of the luggage itself

We have been made to believe we NEED all these products.  And by the way…you can’t really “anti-age.”  Think about it.  Costa Rica is very environmentally friendly.  They don’t like all these toxins, and man-made, animal tested residues polluting their water and land. They believe that our health and wellness is tied to the earth. After much research, I came to the final decision.

Decision 6.  Hair: I bought 1 texturizing gel. The humidity was all the moisture I needed.

Face: Most days I didn’t wear makeup, but I did take 4 items--eyeliner, lipstick, mascara and a compact.

Body: Lavender castile soap. At varying concentrations its good for shower, shampoo, and anything else that needs to be cleaned. It’s all natural and I smelled like lavender. And so did my clothes.  Who knew? Personal hygiene savings? Priceless.

We don’t need much. This is my shout out for Sustainability awareness. It is self-serving to reduce waste. Natural products are better for your health by minimizing toxins and free-radicals (age accelerators). Then there are all these add-ons and layering products that come in plastic and take forever to break down in the earth (and btw tested on animals). We buy extra products to trick us into feeling good, and makeup to cover up what is already pretty.

We deserve to have luxuries, for sure.  And the earth is abundant, no doubt.  And thank you for recycling your containers. Now I ask you to consider giving a second thought to what comes in those containers. Do you really need them? Remember—

“You are enough just the way you are.”

2 weeks and 30 lbs. taught me a lot. Waste not, want not.

UGottaEat…so CONSUME mindfully.