Grace is Mindful Eating


Let’s contemplate our food for a minute… Whatever You had for your last meal… see it in your mind. Consider each ingredient. Don’t do a mental calorie count please!  Just take a minute to appreciate that each element, and then each ingredient had a path before it reached your plate. Consider that the meat and vegetables also were seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and whatever else.  Then it was likely cooked, or at least stored and arranged… baked, boiled, roasted, refrigerated, diced, cubed chopped and presented.  It is a lot more than simply meets the eye.

Then take time to focus on 1 or 2 ingredients and then consider what it took to reach your plate.   It's the soil, sun, rain, farmers, transportation, storage, refrigeration, fuel, labor and on and on. If you think about it, each bite-full and every morsel is its own blessing and contains its own ecosystem. People don’t go out and hunt, bring home, and then cook for their families anymore. There is an entire supply chain that does not just start at the grocery store, or even the front door of the local fast food place.

Mindful eating is an awareness and appreciation that nourishes not only our body, but also our spirit, and opens the door to appreciating Life.  Let’s remember the Grace we said as kids…

God is great. God is good.

And we thank him for our food.

By his hands we all are Fed.

Thank you for the daily bread.


Welcome Home.  U Gotta Eat.