Is Love a Platitude?


Affirmations from A Year of ME On Valentine's Day, people take time to be extra kind to that special someone with gifts, cards, candy and nice dinners. Kids give out little cute cards at school and pink and red are splashed everywhere.  There’s a lot of commercialism around this sweet holiday which got me to thinking…Is love a Platitude?

Ok so first, exactly what is a Platitude?  Platitude, like attitude with a plat. :) It’s a remark that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful; a statement that may be true but is considered boring or meaningless because of overuse. Synonyms: cliché, truism, commonplace. (Google)

Love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!  What is Love? Below are reprints of 2 daily affirmations from the book, “A Year of ME” to share. We hope you contemplate and affirm what True Love means to you, and that you feel it (and enjoy it) deep within the very essence of your soul.

With Love, UGottaEat

It is my intention to be loving. Love is a big word. Unfortunately, it’s overused and misused to the point where it’s ability to stir the most joyous, peaceful, and comforting feeling within us. Today, think about someone you truly love. Reflect on your relationship. Sit with that feeling. Is it your mother, father, or child? A sibling, best friend, mentor, or pet? Whoever it is, close your eyes and think about them.

Turn your attention to this feeling, and its effect on your heart. How does your body feel? Light, strong, or powerful? Do you catch yourself smiling? Is there a pang or flutter of longing encompassing your every move? Feel love. Over time, words fail to convey or describe it really. It’s a knowing. A state of being. From there, you show love. You give your best through energy, hugs, and even a reassuring glance. It’s not in the gifts or the punctuality or the chores - it’s in the heart and body. You don’t love fried chicken, cheese crackers, or wine. You love relationships. You love yourself. Elevate love and be intentional. {February 2nd}

February 14th I am loved. You are not alone. You are loved. God loves you, I love you, and people that don’t even know you love you. Love isn’t only reserved for your significant other or your family. Love is in everything. Love is in the smiles from strangers, the tears at a wedding or a funeral. Love is in the birds singing and the droplets of rain. Love is compassion and caring - the most sincere expressions.

You are loved. Not only are you loved simply because you’re you, but you are an expression of love. You are love. It’s time you know your worth. Understand that there are so few words to describe or define love. It’s too grand; it’s all encompassing. Words barely scratch the surface of the concept. Because to truly know love, you have to feel it. Feel it with your soul. Not just the 5 senses you’re used to.

When you see love in everything, you recognize its home in yourself. You cherish yourself and you share it freely with others. {February 14th}

You are loved. You are love. Love is.

Love Mindfully.


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