Hungry Much?


I’m not talking about that what’s for dinner type of feeling.  Nor do I mean, “Oh my goodness. I forgot to eat breakfast…I just get soooo busy.”  I’m talking about the type of hunger where there. Is. No. Food.  Your stomach is growling.  You have a headache, and you delicately balance buying food and paying bills. This may remind you of a time growing up.  Maybe you experienced it in college.  I know we had the Ramen noodles, 5 for $1 to keep you going in a pinch.  And that 10lb bag of potatoes that you could stretch creatively.  Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, french fries, potato wedges, hash browns, potato salad, you get the picture.

In college, some friends would put their money together and buy meat from a meat truck and then divide it to share.  Hence the meat & potatoes. Vegetables move down the list when you’re in survival mode. A cousin buys a side of beef from a farmer who butchers it into different cuts, and they share among several families.  Family meals, taking plates to neighbors and the elderly...sharing is how we’ve survived historically.  But times have changed…

Some of us lucky ones began to eat at fast food restaurants and then graduated to the sit-down type. We meet friends to socialize over dinner or heavy appetizers and drinks. What a blessing!

I’m asking you to stop right now and give thanks and gratitude if you don’t experience true hunger. I’m asking you to extend your grace right now to people who are hungry, who have no food and no idea how to get the next meal. Don’t even waste a second wondering how they ended up here.  The political and social possibilities impacting this condition are endless. Would you ask a drowning person why they got in water that’s too deep, or immediately save them? I bet serious money that you are no more than 2-3 degrees of separation from someone who is truly hungry. Who do you think it is?

I’m asking you to consider not eating for 24 hours. Not to lose weight, detox or fast.  But to develop empathy and radical goodwill for your brothers and sisters that suffer every day around the world, and right here in America.  Hunger is cruel and unusual, and unnecessary.  It inhibits the pursuit of happiness. Hunger doesn’t give you the luxury to worry about getting good grades or finding a good job.  I submit that Hunger is unconstitutional.

I’m asking you not to wait for the government to do something.  It’s not going to happen. Your tax dollars will go to the military and infrastructure before additional effort goes to helping the hungry. Still seeking your life’s purpose? Maybe this is it.  I’m asking you to share.  Share food. Share this post.  Eliminate hunger for real.  Spread the word.

Stay blessed people.  And bless someone else.

I hope you had a great 4th of July holiday!

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully and say a fervent prayer for those who can’t eat at all.

I invite you to download the UGottaEat App and invite friends and family to start sharing meals today.  Elevate the human condition one meal at a time.