I am Healthy & Vibrant


We are what we believe. You have to start seeing yourself now, the way you want to be in the future, and you will become that vision. Send that emotion of successful perfect health into your body right now and then go about achieving it. How, you ask? If I could do that on my own, I wouldn’t need daily affirmations. Kidding…kind of. Every successful person on earth first had to dream before they could do. They started out as hopeful beginners, clueless but powered by desire. They followed a vision, plotted out the planning stages, and started working.

You are healthy and vibrant. Desire it with every cell in your body. Know it. Immerse yourself in this thought. Feel it where you already have perfect health and imagine it spreading to the rest of your body. Whole Foods August is complete and you are a champion in control of your life. You must create a well-being wildfire to catch your soul aflame. Let it spread to every corner of your life: How you think, what you eat, and the environments you create and frequent. Remove the clutter from your home, smell the brisk autumn air as we transition from a blazing summer to a cool fall. Start fresh and a new every day, hour, and minute. You are healthy and vibrant.