HealthCare. How do you relate?


Health. Care?A woman has several chronic conditions.  For one month, everything seemed to conspire to flare up at the same time, with a few new mystery symptoms appearing out of nowhere.  The family of the elderly woman began to worry, and while no one would say the word, the elephant was in the room—could she be dying? In a flash, the entire family tribe transformed into prayer warriors and visiting angels.  At the same time, the woman, tired of her own frailty, decided to live a life infused with more experiences.  She was determined to do all that doctors and her family had been asking…get quality rest/sleep, eat for healing, and take medications as prescribed, not ad hoc.  Again and immediately with intention and action, the universe brought the woman back from the brink.

I see the Law of Attraction at work in the woman’s story. We can approach healthcare as positive and restorative. We typically go to the doctor only when absolutely needed for severe pain or fever, a heart attack or a gunshot wound emergency room visit.  We don’t want any bad news!  A negative relationship has emerged with the healthcare system, and as the Law of Attraction would have it, we are becoming sicker and sicker.  As we change the paradigm and see doctors and hospitals as tools to promote life and wellbeing, we begin to utilize them for disease prevention as early warning systems.  We become our #1 advocate for our health and begin to live in a way that eradicates the problem.

Health? Care! The woman decided after a few weeks of feeling well that she wanted to feel more of it. She walked to the corner.  She visited with an old friend and truly enjoyed catching up.  Reminiscing is like living the good times all over again.  What Fun!!! The woman spent more time each day out of bed.  She even began to sit on the front porch letting the sun and the lawn and the flowers get to know her again. She used to spend so much time with them years ago and started to envision a new flowerbed mapping out a To Do list.

With her new awareness, the woman realized that she has infinitely more control over her health and wellness than over her sickness. It’s the law of attraction, activated through awareness, that gives her that advantage. Focus on the Health in Healthcare as a prescription for vibrancy and happiness.

Each of us is our own primary care physician.  We know immediately when something’s not quite right in our bodies, and we are the ultimate decision maker for how we live. Before entering into a potentially lifelong relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, try to live in a way that will not require medicine. A healthy lifestyle allows one to avoid the need for painkillers longer.  The longer you can avoid painkillers the longer you’re enjoying a higher state of wellness than most.  You’re transcendent.

Health! Care! Access the best Healthcare system out there… Healthy Living.

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.