Happy New Year!


4 Types of Mindful Eating for the New Year...Intent Matters!?!?

Are you like millions of people who start the new year with a new plan that involves food? Know it or not, we are in the Mindful Eating season (pun intended).  There is enormous energy to eat well the first week of January that tends to taper off until around Valentine’s Day. By then, it’s all about love and chocolate!

I feel mindful eating falls into 4 categories…Yes, Intent matters! 

1. Dieting
2. Detoxing
3. Clean Eating
4. Fasting

1. The general intent of Dieting is to lose weightOf course there are health reasons like to lower cholesterol, but largely when we think of dieting it is to hit a number on the scale, or fit into those jeans and back to the belt hole of the past. I have tried many diets over the years. I am the classic yo-yo’er.

2. Then there is Detoxing for health to flush the toxins out of the body, which improves the body’s ability to burn fat, and avoid disease causing inflammation. Detoxing should be for a short period of time.  It cleanses like a nice refreshing shower after a sweaty day outside in 100° heat.

3. Clean Eating is a lifestyle of eating whole foods as the primary foods you eat.  Mainly it's plant based - veggies and fruit, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Not processed. Consistently eating clean will detoxify and reduce inflammation.  The intent is to have a healthy, energetic lifestyle full of vitality. Win, win, win!

4. Finally, there is Fasting. This is a spiritual or religious abstention from some type of food or drink for a period of time, with the intent to obtain clarity of purpose by drawing closer to God and to reach a goal.  Without the spiritual intent, it is simply another diet.

My plan was to dump the Diet and start Eating Clean this year.  Then I decided to Detox first for a jumpstart.  Finally, I settled into a 21 Day Fast to clean my body, soul and spirit.

I have great expectations for 2017.

Right now, I’m hungry...    and Blessed...saint-smiley-face


Please comment and share your eating intentions for the year!!

UGottaEat...so eat intentionally.