Happy Food, Happy Mood


We are in my birthday Season! Yes, my birthday is February 29th. People used to say to me, "You poor thing, you only get to celebrate every 4 years!"


My family sends birthday wishes on the 28th...my friends on the 1st. So I celebrate a minimum of 2 days.

And on Leap Years, I celebrate 3 days because I don't want the 28th and the 1st to get jealous. In college, my roommate and I celebrated for the entire week book-ended by our birthdays.

And Voila'! ---The Leap Year Birthday Season was born!

Now the form of the birthday celebration generally comes down to two questions ---

Who do I want to celebrate with? And... What do I want to eat?

See how this works? EVERYTHING comes back to food.

My husband Chef Craig says: "I made reservations at your favorite restaurant."

I think, Really? My favorite restaurant is in Southfield, Michigan and we live in Cleveland, Ohio. Not feeling the 3-hour road trip (the romantic gesture is not lost on me and I show him some love)...

I then say: "Thank you sweetie, but I'd rather eat at Chef Craig's table."

Chef Craig (patiently): "Oookay...Then what kind of cake do you want?"

Me: "I'll have caramel cake please. That is, if it's not too much of a bother."

Chef Craig: "And what do you want for dinner?"

Me (looking up to the heavens): "Ohhhh, I don't know (I sing.) How about a duck breast, medium rare please, with that sweet juicy blackberry sauce you make so well. Oooh---And that creamy risotto with the shaved Parmesan cheese on top...

Maybe with some fresh-steamed broccolini or asparagus, topped with a pat of butter or drizzled with some garlic olive oil...and Spritzed with a little lemon, and then dashed with some coarse salt." (not leaving anything to chance.)

The great thing about food is you don't have to wait until you eat to enjoy it. In my mind's eye I already see the reddish brown warmth of the meat, on top of the rich dark purple sauce next to the light cream colored risotto...accented by the pop of healthy vibrant green vegetables.

I enjoy this in my mind.

My mouth is watering...my mood is lifted...and I just radiate love and happiness to everyone.

I am manifesting my own happiness by way of food. And when I actually eat the meal...Oh how my cup runneth over! We can all be happy every moment of every day when you stay present, mindful and in gratitude.

Create your own success. Not just every birthday, but every moment. And when you forget or feel down, just remind yourself as you present blessings for each meal.

Celebrate life with me. Start now.

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to you!

UGottaEat...so eat Mindfully.

What's your favorite meal? Let me know.