I eat fresh made food.  That’s today's affirmation and this year’s rallying cry.  Fressshhhh.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Like a fresh new day when you breathe in clean, crisp air.  A freshly starched shirt.  A brand new dress.  Fresh new sheets and towels, and a cleeeeean house.  Oh yes, you know the feeling! When the countertops are clear, you smell the clean air and can still see the vacuum lines in the carpet. When It comes to food, what do you think of?  Fresh fruit.  Fresh seafood.  Crisp apples, juicy plums, vine-ripened tomatoes. Deep green vegetables. Fresh is best, and you are what you eat.  So let’s connect the dots.  When do YOU feel fresh?... Probably after a shower. Or when you brush your teeth after a garlicky meal.  On a clear day with perfect weather.  After working out and after a massage. Fresh conveys happiness, a new beginning, energy, health, and vitality.  When you eat fresh food, you are filling your body with that good stuff to get your juices flowing.  Keep your mind clear.  Gives you the energy to walk up those stairs and hop out of bed the first thing in the morning with the happy resolve to face the day and kick some butt.  That is what fresh food does for you.  You literally are what you eat.  So if you’re feeling sluggish and moody, you’re probably eating slugging and moody foods.

If the grey days are getting to you and spring is taking too long to get here, amp up your fresh food intake.  Do it for a week.  Nooooo, it’s not a diet.  Please, heavens no.  Just add freshness to your routine and remove some junk.  For desert maybe have watermelon and mint with a few feta crumbles.  Or sauté up some apple slices with a little agave syrup and cinnamon topped with granola for a little apple pie effect.

Make a conscious decision to avoid fast food restaurants.  Buy bread from the bakery instead of the bread aisles.  There’s a reason why bakery bread doesn’t last long. Because it’s FRESH.  It’s not supposed to last 2 weeks! And that’s a good thing.  Bread that lasts over a week is filled with additives and other stuff to increase the shelf life.  Not YOUR life. It increases SHELF life so companies can make more $$$, and so you have the convenience of fewer trips to the store.  Win-win, right?  Wrong.  Your body is the loser.  In the long term, your health takes a beating.  Imagine bread and meat lasting a year.  Yuck. Not in nature.

Fresh is Best.  Don’t let conditioning and consumer marketing deceive you.  Listen to your body.  Feeling fresh?? Good.  You can track it back to what you’re eating.  When I was growing up, we always had Sunday dinner as a family.  It was always homemade at an early enough time to prepare for the week ahead.  I was one of five kids, so all 7 of us had dinner together, then we all had to make sure the kitchen was cleaned up to the max.  We had to take a good bath, not a shower, and lay out our clothes for school for the next day or week, and then go to bed early.  Depending on your age that would be around 9 or 10 PM.

My parents were on to something.  They wanted us to start the week FRESH.  To be set up for success.  Good nourishment, clean body, and well rested.  Let’s get back to basics.  It’s not just for kids.  It’s good for us grown-ups too.  You know why?...

Because Fresh is Best.

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.