Food and Family


We love food, don't we? Just think about it. How great it feels when we come home from school or work and smell something delicious coming from the kitchen. It might be heavy and comforting - like smothered pork chops or chicken with gravy and potatoes.

It could be dinner rolls...there's nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread. could be something sweet and happy like chocolate chip cookies or a peach cobbler. Mmmmmm.

Our fruits and vegetables are special too - like bananas and strawberries, or onions and garlic...

Have you ever smelled fresh tomato right off the vine?

Cut it open...or just taken a bite, and sprinkled it with a little salt? Juuuuicy.

Food will be the longest lasting relationship any of us will ever have.

From conception to death. It's a nourishment evolution -- the umbilical cord, breast feeding, bottle feeding, baby food, smashed real food and then real food.

Food is comforting in good times and bad. We drink to celebrate. Food is central from enjoying our favorite birthday meal to the unexpected funeral repast.

Everything is connected to food.

It is so necessary that we are culturally socialized around it. We eat together. Meet for lunch.  And get home in time for dinner.

Think about it...It is amazing that we just celebrated the holidays to express gratitude by spending time with family and enjoying our favorite foods.

This is a divine combination and universal law. This is what U Gotta Eat is all about...

Eating, Sharing and Loving.

Welcome Home. (And smell the fresh baked rolls)

U Gotta Eat