Do A Good Deed Week: How Random Acts of Kindness are good for your Health


UGottaEat is a sponsor of 7 Weeks to Wellness, a WELL Cleveland program leading up to Global Wellness Day on June 9th.  I’ve been loving this week’s theme-- Do a Good Deed. I’ve been doing daily affirmation videos from A Year of Me as reminders on Facebook, and I hope you’ve been seeing them, and have been inspired to show someone an extra kindness. If not, you can catch some in this week’s newsletter.  It’s never too late to start.  You may question, what does doing a good deed have to do with health & wellness or what we eat?  Well I’m glad you asked. Like Lauryn Hill’s song, Everything is Everything.  And so here’s how to connect the dots— 1. When you show compassion, the law of attraction brings it right back to you.

2. When you feel loved and cared for (receive compassion), your energy rises in sync to your Purpose.

3. When you are in your Purpose, your choices by default are what is best for you and the universe.

4. The best decisions always support love, health and happiness.

That’s all.

And the circle is complete.  A good deed could be for yourself and for the world.  I love this one because it’s not too obvious… Stop eating meat for a day.  This is a good deed for your body and for the planet.  Meat production is the number one contributor to climate change.  The supply chain in bringing meat to your table is vicious. Just skip one meal.  Or, use a water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water.  Take out that fancy stationary that’s gathering dust and send an encouraging handwritten note to someone.  Make a donation to a cause.  Leave a big tip.  Smile at the cashier.

Here’s one I want you to try specifically…When you pass or encounter someone, send them a silent blessing.  It costs you nothing and there’s no risk of embarrassment.  Just send a little love from your heart to theirs and wish them wellness.

I know you don’t need a list of good deeds.  You know in your countenance when you’re making a difference.  I have been doing something every day, and confess that I have a really good vibe happening deep in my soul knowing that I have made a positive impact.  It feels good.  The feeling has a softness that makes me warm and fuzzy like that romantic filter on a picture or video.  Like my favorite hour when the day begins to melt into dusk. Like the perfect warm weather when the air is just humid enough to make my skin soft and dewy, and yet work perfectly with my hair.  My mood is translucent, lifted and as light as a feather and it has the fragrance of labdanum.  A little slice of heaven all week long.   So here’s the second thing I want you do.  After you do your good deed, think about how it makes you feel.  Use your imagination and all your senses–just allow yourself to sit with it.  Pat yourself on the back, rest on your laurels, whatever resonates with you.  Just enjoy the peace and be lifted.

I promise you within the week, an extra dose of something good will come back to you.  When everyone does this more and more, we will all be happier and healthier, and the world will be a better place.

Everything is everything.

Do a good deed.

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.