What The…????  I’m Clear as Mud


I’m starting over today.  Actually, I start over every day, but today in particular I am feeling some kind of way about life.  I’m coming off of a week where I overindulged, and am entering into a period where I need laser focus to launch my business.  For this I need ALL of my energy.  All of it!  I’m launching an app, publishing a book, planning a party and relocating all in the next three weeks.  I need to be clear as a bell.  I must have high energy, mental clarity and physical vibrancy.  This is absolutely required for this level of focused activity, and so mindfulness is critical for its attainment. Why then do I say I’m starting over?  New beginnings are a state of mind. A blank sheet of paper.  A canvas.  When you want to take things to the next level, I recommend a three point-tune up.   Check in on 1) your spirit, 2) what you are eating and 3) how much exercise you are getting. Starting with a detox is always a winner to make room for the healthy and the fresh.  I need to detox from my niece’s weekend wedding celebration which was heavy laden with that wonderful New Orleans food, drink and lack of sleep.

This is where it gets interesting.  My friend and I decided to take a break from the craziness to detox. We got an Ionic Foot Detox to be specific.  We heard amazing things about its efficacy in pulling toxicity out of your body, which when overloaded in your system keeps your body from healing itself naturally.  So imagine this…we go and put our feet in a tub of warm water, and then the technician puts an electrode on one hand that attaches to a device in the water that is supposed to pull toxins out of your body through your feet.  After 30 minutes the clear water turned muddy and murky.  Unbelievable!  It had a few bubbles and a thickness of toxins.  The water was as clear as mud.

Now maybe it’s all in the mind, but seeing and believing that all that stuff came out of me, made me feel better immediately!  As with all things, there are believers and non-believers to this technology and holistic approach to wellness.  Nonetheless, it is kicking off my reset to clarity.  I’m drinking loads of water and green teas.  I’m exercising every morning for the next two weeks right after my morning meditation.  In this way, I’m attacking the three point-tune up mindfully.

Be gone, mud! Let’s get crystal clear about our health and wellbeing. When you have clarity, you become free to accomplish whatever is before you.

UGottaEat…So eat mindfully.