5 Steps to Healthy Lifestyle Choices in 2018


A new aspiring UGottaEat member LOVES the app and is waiting for the Chefs feature to be completed so she can make purchases because she doesn’t have time to cook.  It got me thinking …What has happened in the last 30 years that makes the same 24 hours in the day inadequate for families to eat at home and find time to cook? Answer-- Lifestyle Choices.

The answer to the question is in both words equally.  You can consciously make shifts in your lifestyle to improve your wellbeing. Did you know that health is the body’s natural state? It’s what we expose our bodies to that takes us out of balance.  What we ingest, imbibe and our exposure to toxins can contribute to our health or dis-ease. To BE healthy is your God-given state but you have to CHOOSE it.

So here are 5 steps to a Lifestyle of improved wellbeing…

1. Set your Intention to change your relationship to food. Everything that goes in your mouth is either good for you or bad for you. Make the quality of the food you eat a priority.  It’s really that simple.  Test this. Only eat and drink things that are good for you, and by day 4 you will feel energetic. I promise you!

2. Take a Lifestyle Inventory. Think about the things you do and where are you on a scale from sedentary and sickly on one end, to active and alert on the other. Describe the lifestyle you have now and then the one you envision for your happiest self.

3. Focus on your vision. A Lifestyle change requires focus. Pause. Reflect. Focus.  I proudly display in my home a picture of the dancer Misty Copeland.  She is my vision.  No, I don’t want to be a dancer, but to me she represents health, vitality and strength.  That is my vision for myself. I do better work when I’m buoyant and my head is clear.  Crisp. Strong. Smart. Poised. Passionate. Yessss.

4. Answer this question: Would I rather be Healthy or Wealthy? Money cannot buy health. It’s the quality of your life that matters to be happy. So decide what choices are you making.   In this day of uncertainty in healthcare, taking your wellness into your own hands is the smartest decision anyone can make. There is a very real possibility that pretty soon no one will be able to afford healthcare or medicine.

5. State your Burning Desire or reason for your new Lifestyle. Write down a quick Lifestyle mission statement.  Place it someplace noteworthy.  Stick it in your wallet or put it under your pillow.  Just give it some precious attention regularly. It could be as simple as one of these…

I am Active. I am disease free. I am mindful about my wellbeing. I am a Clear Thinker. I am a great cook. I am a runner. I am eating the best fuel for my body. I am energetic.

And so it is.

“Whatever follows the ‘I am’ will eventually find you.” ~Joel Osteen

What’s your I AM? Leave me a comment and help inspire others.

Happy Choosing your Lifestyle for 2018!

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.