4 Reasons You Can’t Do IT Alone


What is IT you say? Your passions, purpose, wellness…YOUR LIFE! I am a natural loner and like to do things by myself. It’s easier that way. I usually won’t tell people what I am working on until I am 99% complete. That’s how I roll. This may be the natural plight of a middle child, and I say plight because this has often been the hard way of getting things done. The reality is you can’t do IT alone. Yes, there are things that solely require your attention but not everything. I had to learn this the hard way and when I finally faced the truth, I found four reasons why no one can do IT alone.

1. Because sometimes life is difficult. It can be difficult trying to figure out life alone. Sometimes, you need someone to listen to your struggles, be a shoulder to cry on or give sound advice. When I was a new professional, I made a lot of mistakes. What I needed was a professional mentor to show me the ropes. Not all my mistakes were preventable, however, a second opinion would’ve saved me some heartache.

2. You can’t master everything. I’ve found that there are things I do great, things I do good, things I am mediocre at, and things I should never do again. The latter two clearly are things I shouldn’t be doing. For example, I am mediocre at doing my own hair. I have way more fails than wins. For business, it’s graphic design. I have NO business creating any graphic design anything! Once I came to this realization, I hired someone to help me and my life has been simpler ever since.

3. A different perspective can be a lifesaver. Let’s just keep it real, many of our perspectives come from our past experiences. That doesn’t mean they are right but many times, that’s reality. I found that chatting with a close friend helps bring my ideas full circle. In addition, getting a different perspective helps to minimize surprises and reduce mistakes!

4. Women need each other. Positive women need other positive women for encouragement and to help each other in tough times. We all face trials and being surrounded by strong women can push you further than you could go on your own. The beautiful thing about support is it can also be as simple as sharing a social media post or attending an event. We need each other!

What are some other reasons why you can’t do IT alone?