Why Exercise? I’m Dying!

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Let’s set the context:  We all want a life of health and wellness, with joy and peace and a sense of contentment.  Can we all agree on that? Cool.  

Let’s also agree that in Spirit, Love contains all of the things good for you, and Fear (stress) is the barrier to your health and wellness. Agreed?  Okay. By releasing the biggest fear of all, you set yourself free from all other fears. The Fear of Death. That’s right, death. How will this help you exercise?  I’m about to tell you…

The mindset shift is to let your thoughts and choices always be based within the context of how you want to live your life—in remarkable wellbeing.  In the world, we make decisions out of fear. You are afraid of what other people think of you. You’re afraid if you took time out for self-care, it would interfere with the other commitments that secure the external approval you seek. You don’t actually believe you have any more space for your own greatness.  You’re dying inside.

I’ve been to an incredible 7 funerals in the last 6 months.  Reflecting, I told my mother “life is so delicate maybe I’ll die tomorrow…”  And before I got out the “and maybe I won’t” out of my mouth, she jumped in horror!  OMG! Don’t SAY THAT!!!! Have you tried talking to your parents about their Will or a Power of Attorney?  Do it, and meet the face of fear.  

These funerals forced me to contemplate the meaning of life.  And so, I’m oddly starting to enjoy funerals. (My mother will be horrified that I’m saying this. ☺)  But for me, when I see grief, I see it laden with an intense spirit of love.  It’s the other side of the same coin. I become mesmerized by the path taken, and the great stories about the life transitioned.  They are always so amazing, and reminders that our uniqueness is our greatness and our purpose.  

I’ve only experienced this particular kind of love at funerals.  And because the universe is kind, I can align the power of life and death in the most positive and powerful way…in love.  Imagine if we all shared that funeral type of love every day with our loved ones. Unfortunately, we limit this expression during life and pour it out (fearlessly) at death.  Schadenfreude!

When you accept life with a sense of awe instead of fear, the amazing and unexpected happens.  Your mind and spirit lift you up into courage and audacity. The time that you have in that wonderful body is a gift.  It is your time in this huge cosmic playground to laugh and run and play and make friends and love. Give and receive. That is your purpose.

Here are the things that create remarkable wellbeing and make life exciting, fun and colorful: exercise, mindful eating, meditation and devotion, compassion, self-care, rest and a strong practice of gratitude.  It’s so simple I want to cry! 

Your life becomes joyful and the body works more efficiently when you do these things.  Exercise, in particular, reduces the inflammation which causes fatigue and sickness. It slows the aging process and keeps you vibrant for life. It reduces stress and clears your mind for purposeful decision making.  You then discipline your thoughts and focus on the important things, which is what? A life well-lived.  

Live your life to the fullest!  Stop waiting to die. Exercise and thrive.  

Love & Light,