Too busy TOO?? Learn to expand time mystically


Yesterday, my husband and I went to the funeral of a dear family friend who passed all too quickly and was way too young.  He was only 50 years old and had been my brother’s best friend for over 40 years.  Then we visited my dear 82-year-old uncle in the hospital, drove 3 hours back home, and in the middle of the night, was notified that another uncle, who was 90 years old, had just passed.  All within 24 hours.  The next day felt like a Monday all day because so much had just happened.  Surely an entire weekend had just passed. But it was only one day, AND it was only Thursday.  Time expanded because I was literally living in the field of love and compassion.

At the funeral, the number of people who took time off of work, arranged travel, reminisced over funny stories, and reconnected was in the hundreds. Busy people from all over the country. I lost count, but definitely, no less than 6 people said that it was good to connect with old friends, despite the sad circumstances.  Promises were made.  Contact information exchanged.   Everyone makes time for funerals and sickness, but are otherwise engaged to make time for living and wellness.  It is the insanity of our time.  

Put your life in the context of living well—with energy and a sense of fulfilling relationships and contentment.  Knowing that when the storm-clouds form, you have the inner strength and the time to conquer life’s challenges.  This is how to make time expand for you…

1.     Identify the Time Sucks. In the context of your own happiness, look at everything you do, and ask this question: Does it bring you a sense of wellbeing? If the answer is yes, add more of that activity to you daily.  Generally, this will include nurturing relationships and acts of compassion and generosity. Eliminate the “time sucks” that do not add to your wellbeing.

2.     Remember that time is relative, not absolute.  Yes, there are 60 minutes in every hour, but how you feel is really what matters most.  The 15 minutes that flies by when you are having fun is the same 15 minutes when you’re stuck in traffic.  Shift your perspective on how you utilize that time.  Be happy you can call that old friend or that special uncle. Choose a life-affirming (not complaining) perspective on how to utilize the time you have. 

3.     Use your Executive mind function.  This is the part of your mind where you consciously think, plan, make decisions, and manage impulse control.  This means being present-minded.  Have you ever wandered into a room and forgot what you went in there for?  That’s being unconscious.  When you stay present, your executive mind will make the best decisions for you very quickly, and time will expand for you

4.     Reframe the context of your life.  Time is simply a measurement of distance and rotations.  Change your meaning of time by what you do with it instead of how much is behind you or in front of you.  Spend more energy by pouring love and energy into positive living and relationships, be it at home or at work.  This is an ultimate game changer because what you give in compassion comes back to you tenfold.  Make every decision in the present based on the context of what is ultimately essential…your wellbeing, relationships, and inner peace.  Then time will fill itself appropriately.

A lifetime seems like it will last forever when you’re young, and goes all too quickly when you get older.  It lingers in sickness and passes in the blink of an eye at the death of a loved one.  Put your life in the context of what is important.  Make the appropriate decisions by allowing yourself to give love and be loved and watch your days get better.  Animate the values of a life of health and wellness.  Exude the qualities that make life worth living.  Then watch time miraculously expand and the time sucks, no longer being necessary, will fall away all on their own.

Love & Light,