I’m Baaaack! 


Back on US soil after 2 ½ weeks in China.  I am tired, yet invigorated. I’ve traveled to the other side of the globe and danced with time and space and ancient civilizations.  As I return home, my deepened understanding of the Universe keeps before me what is important. Time does not rule or constrain me in any way anymore.  I woke up at 4 AM on Wednesday morning and arrived home at 7 PM that same evening. However, I travelled for over 24 hours and flying westward, I lost 12 hours of time.  Poof! Where did it go? Did I get any younger?  

This is the great lesson of time being just a human-made construct for measurement.  It is an agreed-upon currency, and just like money, it cannot rule my life unless I let it.    The sun will rise and set every day, and my biorhythms will align with that truth, no matter where I am in the world.  

It was fantastic.  I didn’t even plan to go at first, but a way was made and my life has been changed.  Each day as I go with the flow of the Universe, I change and grow in wisdom. But when planning rest for the weekend, the tackling of the mundane…laundry, bills groceries, etc., threatened to lose the shine of the journey.  Then I read my Daily Affirmation for today from A Year of ME 366 Daily Affirmations and because the Universe is kind, my light began to shine even brighter! So I share it with you because within it everything good about life is contained, and in the giving, I am blessed.

August 8th - I am faithful.

Being faithful doesn’t necessarily mean attending weekly prayer. Sometimes being faithful means having faith in yourself. Today, find your faith. Having faith means thinking positively, and positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes. Know that with each passage you read in this book, and with each turning of the page, you understand more about your health. Have hope that with each healthy decision you make on this journey towards wellness you grow stronger, smarter, and happier. If you do believe in a higher power, have faith that they are always listening. Have faith that the universe knows each thought, action, and movement you do and it reacts in return. Have faith in yourself that you will accomplish your goals towards mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Have faith that it’s all going to work out – because eventually, it does. Have faith. “…I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty

-A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing

Love & Light,


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