You Can Create Your Own Success Everyday

~This is a repost~


There's a lot going on in the world today. It's difficult to keep up with current events, politics, tragic weather events, and the global economy. It is overwhelming.  I try to stay on top of a few key things at a time to keep from being overloaded. I admire those great conversationalists that can speak knowledgeably about anything. It took a while for me to learn that I just don't have the bandwidth to take it all in. And I am okay with that. It doesn't make me "less than."  Our own dissatisfaction often comes from trying to keep up with someone else's attributes or measure of success which simply may not line up with our purpose.  I'm done with that! Success to me means taking care of my personal responsibilities at work and home, giving my kids guidance, and supporting my husband all while taking care of my health and serving up all of my relationships with love and compassion.

When you list it all out it seems like a lot. But you own your happiness and health, and you can be victorious everyday. The weather is out of your control, but you own your choices. Your health, what you eat and who you have in your circle are all determined by you.

Decide what you want to do today. Do it. Celebrate it. Rinse and repeat.

You create your own success–others don’t define your life, that’s up to you. Keep your power and hold it close to you as you transgress along your wellness expedition. If you decide to walk to the corner today as your first step to exercise, do it. Don’t compare yourself to someone who does three miles in 15 minutes. That’s their journey. You succeed at walking to the corner–that’s yours.

Draw in success by writing two things on your to-do list and work until you scratch them off. Don’t drown yourself in despair because you had a list of two things. If it’s the two you needed to do, then celebrate. Decide what you want to do next. Do it. Celebrate. Repeat.

Be mindful about your wellbeing and happiness. Create your own success everyday. eat mindfully.