A Wellness Journey…To HAPPY


Life is a journey, and the ultimate destination for each and every one of us is happiness.  It’s the abiding sense of peace and joy that we all seek.  Whether a vacation, a job or a relationship, we are all essentially seeking good times, a sense of security...happiness!  The good news is what you truly want is already deep within you. You just have to pull it out and begin to follow the right path for you.  When you’re on this path you discover happiness. The Truth is that happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey and the unfoldment of your life’s purpose.  

We get off track by taking other people’s journeys.  Instead of finding our own path, we latch on to someone else’s because it looks good…almost always in western culture it's materialistic.    Could this be true for you? I’ve learned the secret to following my own path, and I want to share it with you. That way, I’m happy, you’re happy and one-by-one the world becomes a better place.  It’s my path. Do you want to know the secret?  

First, admit where you feel you are somehow “less than” or a “failure.” Start with answering the question, “Why do you commit to doing things that stress you out?”  We put our values onto others and judge them, and in return, we feel judged when we don’t live up to what someone else considers “right” or “normal.” This is the answer. It’s the perfect conundrum.  Here is a common example you may relate to… I have friends who never got married and/or didn’t want kids. I admire these people who stand in their own Truth. But the world looks and them and says, “but why not??? What’s wrong with you?”  Maybe you recognize yourself on either side of this coin. Once you can break your own judgments, you release yourself from the need to live up to the judgment of others. In this instance, you can abandon other’s definitions of success and can begin to live your OWN Truth.  And therein lies your happiness! Happy, happy, happy! It’s just that simple.  

“It’s simple, but it’s not easy.” –Evan Campbell

Start by imagining the life you truly want; not the life your parents and friends say you should have, or your perceived competition, but the life you want.  Then think about the judgments you would have to let go of to create this life.  I already know it starts with, “...but I need the job/money” or, “what would [insert name] think if I did that?” Start to let go of each of these micro-influencing thoughts that permeate your decision making.  Obtaining your life’s vision IS YOUR PURPOSE! There can be no other way. The Universe conspires to bring each of us to our own destiny. You are unhappy when you try to live your life otherwise. Let that sink in.

Your friends aren’t doing better than you.  In many cases, they are putting up their own window dressings and putting lipstick on their own pig.  Maybe that promotion would actually give you less time with family, or to pursue your real passion.  Maybe you’re not meant to be a size 4 like the media would suggest.  This stress takes us further away from our own happiness.  

Transform your life into the one that reflects YOUR own truth.  Join me on A Wellness Journey to discover your true happiness and wellness through purpose. It takes time to undo the conditioning and judgment that you have been living with and through for your entire life.  On this Journey, you discover your own path to happiness. You begin to shift your mindset to take control of your own inner purpose and divine guidance. Not what the other mothers or your peers think of you.  This is a game-changer. On this Journey, you will learn the practices that will leave you unafraid, and there, you are happy. 

You don’t have to go away to a retreat.  Take A Wellness Journey with me for 60 days to transform your life right at home.  Only $299 when you use the Promocode WELLNESSBUDDY at checkout. We launch on September 9th.  Join me. Let’s go!

“The life you have is getting in the way of the life you want.”  -TK

Love & Light, 


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