The 10 Days: An Excerpt

This week, enjoy an excerpt from Tonya’s newest book, The 10 Days, A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation…at home.


CHAPTER TWO:  ~ The At-Home Wellness Retreat ~

The goal of The 10 days is not to lose weight, although you will. The goal is not to become an enlightened master, although your inner spirit will shine more brightly. The goal of this 10 days is to  excavate through the habits and negative thoughts that keep you bound to your grief, fears and insecurities, and then lift your decision making to align with your highest potential and greatest wellbeing.

This book is a guided retreat to remarkable wellness that you will customize, based on your own lifestyle. You receive the recipe that contains the structure of activities to keep your mind empty of the clutter of the outside world and focused on your best life. You determine your level of commitment to transforming your life into one of peace and joy. Then using this guide for 10 days, you will make your wellness journey a priority, giving attention to your eating, self-care, lifestyle, stillness and health.

Over the last several years I have attended many wellness retreats in exotic places. All to relax and unwind, to “find” myself, to recuperate and forget about work and feelings of stress, and to be immersed in culture, nature, history, or whatever distraction that could bring me peace at the time. I also found it almost impossible, to (re)integrate all of the peace and bliss of vacation back into everyday life for more than a few weeks. I needed something that would stick.  How can we hold onto that feeling of wellbeing every day?

The good news is that when you find that inner peace leaving you, you can transform where you are. You don’t need to go away on vacation to find yourself. This is your personal Wellness Retreat devoted to higher consciousness practices, equipping you to rise above your problems and to begin to manifest extraordinary results—in the comfort of your own home. Transformation does not need to be expensive.  Transformation is a journey within, without distance and closer than your next breath.

It’s time to check into your own spa for 10 days to unveil an astonishing transformation. Let your friends and family know that you are going on your wellness journey retreat, just like any other vacation. With a little planning, retreat to a place where you are the center of the universe. Close your eyes. There you are.

“What you seek is seeking you.” –Rumi

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