UGottaEat Launch was Fantastic!!! 

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We had a wonderful Launch Event in Washington DC and I want to thank everyone who came out to support and learn more about UGottaEat.  We have 10 Premier UGE Chefs ready to go in Washington, DC!  Our chefs have started posting healthy meals and taking orders, and all will be officially ready by July 15th.  We want you to download the app and check out the types of meals that are available.  Chefs will be featured on our social platforms beginning July 1st.

It has been an amazing journey and we are still just beginning.  The morning of the event, I was on Great Day America News program which had great coverage and you can watch here:

After the segment, the producer introduced me to Doug E. Fresh!

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There was an old school rapper concert in DC the next day so he and Rapper Nonchalant were on the next segment promoting the show.  Doug was really popular when I first went to college and I still get up to dance when I hear “6 minutes. 6 minutes. 6 minutes Doug E. Fresh you’re on! uh uh oh, uh uh oh!”  He got me and my best friend through freshman year. Both Doug and Nonchalant love what UGE is doing and we have plans to collaborate in the future. Doug E. is a vegan! You never know where life will take you from one moment to the next.

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I’ve been asked by a variety of people in Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta, when are we launching in their area?  This keeps me encouraged as the vision blossoms into an operational brand. UGE is an app and a virtual marketplace, so it can be used in any city, anytime, right now and all at once.  I have learned from this experience, just like life, it is necessary to take small steps in the direction of your destiny to see where it leads you. It takes time to bring awareness to chefs, and customers alike, and some level of critical mass to gain the momentum to take flight.  As soon as we establish a foothold in DC, we will be in your neighborhood before you know it. In the meantime, share the news about the UGottaEat Marketplace to expand the energy and enthusiasm. It matters immensely.

UGE began as an app with a focus on wellness through mindful eating, connecting independent cooks and chefs with people who want healthy homemade meals…A Personal Chef in your Pocket!  As we have grown, our vision for wellness has expanded beyond just mindful eating into mindfully living. We believe total wellness is achieved through purposeful living. The life you have is getting in the way of the life you want.  And so, we are branched out.  This week 50 people joined UGE to complete the inaugural 60-Day Wellness Journey which began May 1st.  It has been amazing and lives have been transformed.  June has been a month of intensity and inspiration.

I want to thank all of you who have supported the UGE Journey this far, and I invite you to eat mindfully with UGE and learn more about joining our next September 60-Day Wellness Journey for Remarkable Wellness:  

UgottaEat & Remarkable Wellness.  What a team.

Love & Light,