The Optimistic Side of Possible

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My son Evan was just in the hospital for 10 days.  And I was right there with him. Just like 9 years ago after the car accident that left him paralyzed.  It was a bizarre case of déjà vu. His life was at stake. I was reminded ever so clearly how the body performs as a system.  And his was in a tilt. And so was my Universe. One thing led to another, and when that was resolved then there was another. This is Lesson/Understanding #1.  The body is a system, just like the Universe. We are all One.

Evan went in for an infection with an initial fear that it had reached the bone, an intensely difficult situation to resolve. A series of bureaucratic nonsense and a scant weekend hospital staff left us frustrated for forthcoming answers. Then after a successful surgery to fight infection, out of nowhere his kidneys were threatened by all of the new medicines in his body.  Dialysis was staring us in the face. 

I meditated with the focus of a Buddhist monk.  God hit me on the head and made it clear to me to use what we practiced throughout the past 60 days.  You see, Evan and I led a 60-Day Wellness Journey and on the last day, Evan goes into the emergency room for 10 days.  10 Days. It is not a coincidence in the Journey, the cornerstone for inner transformation and remarkable wellness…is 10 days.  God reminded me we had been preparing for the past 60 days uncovering our infinite potential to overcome our worldly circumstances. The synchronicities had started.  Evan led the discussion on Gratitude. And that’s where I needed to go.  

Remind me, God, How do I get lifted out of this worry? He reminded me that every time I cried, I was worrying and must turn the focus the positive outcomes.  And this demonstrated Understanding #2 of the Journey. The Law of Attraction or Giving and Receiving. Positive attracts positive and lack attracts lack. When you put out prayers and energy and blessings, then blessings are what you receive.    

A Course in Miracles Lesson 347 which says Anger must come from judgment. Judgment [worry] is the weapon I would use against myself to keep the miracle away from me.  I determined that we needed a direct path. The medical method was that after his creatinine numbers trends back down for 2 days, he could go home.   And this is what we prayed for, without even the mention of dialysis, we became pristine receivers for Grace. We moved his van to hospital in great expectation of a speedy release and began to prepare his home for a clean and healthy environment for his inevitable return. 

Here, Evan’s total immediate power source converged to his side…me his Mother, his father Marc and sister Taylor.  Flanked in person by the rest of the power team, Craig, Toi & Jay, Wayne, and friends, we created a neural network of pure love and blessings.  This field was further lifted by the rest of our friends and families. I felt it. And so Evan was the center being surrounded and lifted him until he was lifted far enough into the heavens for God to breathe pure health back into his body like oxygen.

And so we activated Understanding/Lesson #3 of the Journey. In conscious connection, we can release our desires into the tapestry of the Universe through prayer and meditation, and it will be produced.

I’m glad to report that Evan is at home now, as am I. When we reach these life-critical points in our lives, they are a point of transition and transcendence if we work with them.  The pain, the uncertainty, and the practice of faith become the holy trinity, working in unison to lift us to our greatest potential.  

Join our next September 60-Day Wellness Journey to rediscover your strength, and overcome whatever is blocking your happiness.  Three Understandings, 10 Days to Transformation, 7 areas of intention 60 days of building up your spirit man into Remarkable Wellness.  We have much, much more to give and to receive.

“When you abide, God will supernaturally multiply your efforts.”   –Bruce Wilkinson

Love & Light,