Watered My Plants Today

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I have 5 plants that are vivacious and beautiful.  I looked at them this morning and the leaves were starting to sag. I realized that they needed water.  So I watered them, rearranged them so that different parts would face the light, and then I sat back and admired them.  Within minutes they seemed to perk up. Rejuvenated. And then it hit me right between the eyes…we are just like plants.  We need to be nourished and appreciated, and with those two simple things, we become our best selves.

I like to talk in metaphors because trying to explain in simple everyday language is overdone and has quite frankly, lost its efficacy.  Blah, blah, blah! We know the right things to do logically. But we don’t see or feel how actually doing these things will change our life for the better, and we don’t believe it can happen almost immediately.  We eat poorly. We put off for tomorrow what needs to be done today. We say we have faith, but in our heart of hearts, we just don’t really BELIEVE.

I’ve been saying constantly over the last few weeks that the life we have is getting in the way of the life we want.  It is time to become a disruptor in your own life.  Your daily schedule is not going to allow you the time to do the things that will lead you to your best life and your purpose.  Why are you living someone else’s dream? Working hard for the man, and not taking care of yourself. Not taking time for yourself and running the kids all around excessively and picking up the dry-cleaning so you can win Person of the Year. Letting fear convince you that if you took more time for self-care to exercise, go out of your way to eat well or express kindness to others, that somehow you will be fired, miss the next promotion, or be seen as weak.  Quite the opposite is True in the Truest sense. You realize your own magnificent power.

And so I talk in metaphors to get you out of your conventional thinking and into your higher thinking which is supported fully and totally by the Universe itself.  Tell your boss that you will come in 30 minutes later this week because you are super stressed and misaligned. You are participating in a custom wellness program for you that will change your life, energize you, make you more confident, healthy and clean in your decision-making.  If they don’t go for that, then no wonder you are stressed. Maybe it is time to stop worrying about being Person of the Year and become a Disruptor for Peace. Your peace.

Maybe you are like my plants.  Needing water and nourishment, and a shift in orientation so that your heart can face the light.  Maybe you need a little appreciation and sunshine. When you nourish your body and your spirit, your branches will lift in honor and your energy will be restored.  Your true self will emerge and you will be in the right mind, right speech and right action. There you are a powerhouse to be reckoned with. You align your little worldy me with your higher spiritual self and walk in your purpose.  You become a co-creator of abundance and peace in your own life. Instead of making someone else rich while you struggle to make ends meet, you receive the blessings that are meant uniquely for you. This way you keep your sanity. This way you flourish and thrive.  Isn’t it what you want for yourself?

I don’t have much else to say except to tell you that I watered my plants today.  When will you water yours?

Love & Light,