UGottaEat is Launching in Washington, DC!!!!

I am launching UGottaEat in Washington DC. UGottaEat was created to provide everyone access to homemade meals so that everyone can eat healthier and conveniently as an alternative to takeout and fast food. While I launched this incredible app 18 months ago in Cleveland, it did not flourish. Life doesn’t always go as planned. UGE is my baby. What would you do if your child was sick? I’ve done it before with my own children, and I’m doing it again. I’ve hunkered down, invested all of my love, energy, time, talent and money so that she will grow and flourish.   

So this Friday, June 14th, UGottaEat is having an Open House and Recruiting event in Washington, DC so that she can thrive. Different location, but the concept is the same.  Give people who need healthier options the access they deserve. Give people a chance to make money doing what they love and doing good. Our mission is to eliminate food waste, get people back to the dining room table eating together again and feed those who are unsure where their next meal is coming from.  After food, shelter, and safety, we all need a sense of belonging. No one wants to be alone.

My motivation is even more personal this time. My mother had a heart attack earlier this year and lives in the same neighborhood in SW DC that I grew up in. It is a food desert.  The zip code, like in so many inner cities, carries with it the statistics of chronic diseases and food insecurity. There are no grocery stores and only one restaurant opened just this year. You have to really travel to eat. So I am taking my business back home. I know there is a need, and I have my Why.

I am aware that noble ideas don’t always succeed. I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror, a quote from somewhere I cannot remember so forgive me (I think A Course In Miracles). It says:

“I am thankful to God for what I give. It does not matter that the receiver is thankless, I am blessed in the giving.”

I am sure that when I put it on the mirror it was because I felt some kind of way about a much less noble issue like being unappreciated or shutout by a loved one. But this wisdom is vast, as wisdom always is.

So please support the idea, if not the effort, and download the UGottaEat App to see what it is all about. You can share food in your communities with others and eliminate wasted leftovers or extra/unused produce. If you are not in DC, then you can just share this incredible idea with others and bring it to your city. You can start your own side business by selling freshly-made food to people in your community.  Or maybe you can simply take advantage of the convenience and the access to healthy, homemade meals without the hassle. These awesome meals are made with a commitment to health and wellness because we only bring on UGE Chefs that share this vision.

A new idea is being breathed into the world. I am excited today because I know that I am blessed in the giving. UGottaEat has arrived. And so it is.  

Love and Light,


UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Feeding your mind, body and spirit