5 Days to Living the Life I Want

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Everyone wants a happy life.  But what happens when you know what to do, but just won’t do it?  You keep starting that diet next week. Letting work get in the way of your health.  The kids’ school and extracurricular activities never end. You are holding on to those dysfunctional, yet familiar, relationships. Say these affirmations throughout the day for 5 Days to elevate and open your mindset. Then watch your life start to flourish…

  1. My health is priceless and is far more important than money.

    You will not likely go broke or homeless if you focus on your health.  Quite the opposite. Your job will reward you because you will have increased productivity and energy.  Your judgement will be clear. Presidents of companies and nations all begin their days with exercise, meditation or some type of wellness practice.  Why not you?

  2. I will stop using commitments to others as an excuse.

    Excuses, like procrastination, is fear in action.  Look it square in the eye. I will not wait for openings that never present themselves. I will block my own calendar for me, and stop searching for reasons to delay what needs to be done.

  3. I use the power of my higher Self to inspire my new life.

    I cannot expect that the same type of thinking that got me in this life situation will also get me out of it.  My five senses are no longer enough. I’ve exhausted them. I accept that a major change has to happen to create the life I want, and I will use my gifts and my faith to propel me this time, in a way I have not trusted in the past.  

  4. I am practicing for myself all the best habits that I advise for others.

    I know all the things to do for a life of wellness.  I taught these very things to my children. Eat right, exercise, go to bed early, clean my room, say please & thank you and pray.  I will do these things every day. It’s so simple I want to cry.

  5. I am finally fulfilling my Purpose.

    I am my own purpose.  My purpose is to use all of my talents to experience life fully. I know that my unhealthy lifestyle is keeping me tired and restless at the same time.  It is blocking me from my happiness and wellness, and I let it go today.

Here is important information to encourage you along the way…It is not your fault that your metabolism slows with time.  Just two generations ago, people only lived to be in their 40’s. Now people are living to be 100. The rules are different now.  The earth is different. There are more pollutants and toxins accumulating in your body for a much longer amount of time! But you can detoxify and get your mind and body back to clarity and health.  The body has done all it can do and simply needs your conscious agreement. Finally, social determinants have significant power in health outcomes. Unfortunately, people living with racial and gender biases, survivors of traumatic childhoods, and those living in poverty have a lower life expectancy by as much as 25 years.  

The good news is that YOU have infinitely more power to overcome your circumstances.  You only need to intercede on your own behalf to bring health back into your body. Then it will radiate into your community and throughout the world. There is no losing here.  Five daily affirmations and the life you want is waiting for you.

Hello Wellness.

Love & Light,