The 5 Point Self-Wellness Checkup

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Are you healthy?  Health is not the absence of sickness.  First, let’s make sure we can identify Health. Health is its own vibration. We stay waaayy too close to the sickness vibration because particular things happen like a fever, nausea, pain, and stress. We even create sickness sometimes always looking for and attracting, what is wrong.   I want to bring to your attention to what a healthy vibration feels like so you can spend more time there than hanging out with the sickly one. There is a bit of a distance between the two.

You may think, I was well one day and then, BOOM!  I was sick. Unfortunately, we don’t value our health like we value our sickness.  Think about it. When you get sick, you go get medicines, tissues, cough drops, rest, go to the doctor and maybe even take a day off work.  What do you do for your health? This would look like annual Dr. visits, taking days off for mental health, and feeding yourself life-giving and nourishing foods, intentional movement (exercise), self-care and expressions of gratitude.

I’ve been called to use all of my gifts and talents to change mindsets to be one of health instead of sickness.  To deliver a perspective that will shift your default setting from ‘dis’-ease, into a higher and healthier one with the vibrancy of wellness at its core.  I’m a Mindset Shifter.  I just made that up. :)  

A fellow Wellness Journeyer has a weight-loss goal, and every week says,  “It was a rough week.” I’m thankful for the new expression, because in the past weeks the popular response I heard from others was, “I tend to overcommit, (i.e. I don’t have time for my own wellness).” I’m going to say here as clearly as possible, and hope it touches you enough to make today your day of awakening…You are not overcommitting until you commit to your health.  You are under-Committing. See that?

My favorite cliché is, “I have a lot on my plate.”  It’s the current condition in which we all live. So here is the mindset shift…really visualize that proverbial plate.  Your plate is probably filled with fast food and a serving of disenchantment about some area of your life. Scrape that plate clean and create a new order. Start with fresh foods and life-giving activities that allow you to breathe.  Be sure to leave space this time. Don’t let your food touch, if you will.

This 5-Point Wellness Checkup will make health your default setting.  I am prescribing that you get this checkup daily, and make an accurate assessment.   

  1. Eyes: Are your eyes clear? Look in the mirror and focus on Loving what you see.

  2. Skin: Is your skin supple? It is your first responder into this world.  Admire it.

  3. Body: How does your body accommodate your life? Promise to treat it kindly.

  4. Spirit: What is your levity level?  Lighten your life daily with gratitude & kindness.

  5. Self: Are you worthy of being your own priority?  Commit more of you, to you.

This life is a Wellness Journey to your best self. Every Journey starts with a single step.  I hope you’ll take one.

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Love & Light,