Oh SNAP! No Money, No food.

The 80/20 Rules of How Not to Worry

How many paychecks can you miss before you need help? It’s scary, isn’t it? Not being able to pay your bills grips you right in the gut. The decisions start from the slightly painful and extend to the existential—turn off cable, lower the data plan, stop eating out, start doing your own hair, etc. Then you think, I can miss a couple of car payments before the repo man comes. Then I still have maybe a few months robbing Peter to pay Paul before the lights get cut off, and my credit score goes to shit. No eating out at all.  As a matter of fact, we can only eat 1-2 times a day, and the concepts of fresh and healthy is a distant dream. Survival is king.

Millions of Americans are already just getting by, and our very own government has added to the crazy.  Many people, for whatever reason, are not aware of the impending crisis. There’s a storm coming and you are in the direct path. I kid you not, either you or someone you know will be impacted by this shut down. Let me tell you how…

There are 800,000 government workers that will not receive a paycheck today. The divide between the President of the United States and Congress is as wide as the proposed wall on the southern border itself. Ironically this shows you don’t actually need a wall to have an impenetrable barrier because these 2 sides are not budging. Picture this… almost 1-million people miss 1 check, then 2, then 3. They need loans or government assistance, and the very government agencies that they need are closed!! Additionally, there are almost 38-million people who receive assistance for food through the Supplemental National Assistance Program known as SNAP. Did you know this is over 10% of the US population? Almost 70% of that number are our children, our elderly or our Veterans. The funding for this program will run out in February if the government is not re-opened. I can go on. And I will… 

What do you think will happen to crime when people can’t even eat? Packages on doorsteps disappear, car thefts, house break-ins, and muggings will be back on the rise.  I’m not trying to scare you, but the crime we are trying to keep out will germinate right here from within our borders given the right conditions. It’s called survival. We need to mobilize now and take our community wellbeing back into our own hands. It’s in your own self-interest to do so. 

UGottaEat was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to food.  We are dedicated to the vision that each individual can have an impact. Your distance away from the front line of this crises, should not keep you from reality, and it certainly does not make you immune to the suffering of so many. We are all ONE community. 

Please join with UGottaEat to mobilize a grassroot effort and avert this crisis one neighbor at a time. To find out more, click here to download a factsheet on The Impact of the Government Shutdown on Food Insecurity in America, and 10 Ways To Personally Effect Change.

You are also invited to sign-up for the UGottaEat Webinar on January 29th, to discuss how we can directly help your neighbors that do not have enough food to eat. There’s no time to waste. The government will run out of subsidy funding for the SNAP program before the end of February. Let’s go!

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Sharing Food, Opening Homes, Showing Love.