Happy New Year! Eat the Whole Pie in 2019!

Happy New Year!

The beginning of the year is like an apple pie fresh out of the oven. It’s bubbly, juicy and brand new. Its sweet aroma makes your mouth water with anticipation. The pinched crust gets brown a little quicker and hints of something lurking just around the edges. This is how I woke up yesterday. I know I feel like the rest of the world on the first day of the New Year. Excitement with a smidge of worry at the same time. This year though, I’m going to lean into my audacious nature. Not shrink away from my creativity and risk-taking. I’m going to eat that entire damn apple pie without an ounce of guilt! Here’s how I’m going to do it… 

I am going to continue to constantly encourage myself and others, even when there is no reward. Because there is always a reward, whether I can see it or not.

I’ll take risks I never would have made before, because now I can confide in myself.

I continue to remember that even when I’m not in the spotlight, I’m still a role model to someone. Comport yourself like the person you want to be.

There is a space between bliss and life’s challenges, and that is where I meet myself. I’ll meet you there too.

Life flows in cycles—jobs, relationships, or new adventures. Just knowing what to expect is a comfort indeed. Identify your cycles. This is a big year for me.

Turn fear of the journey into excitement about the journey. Life is an unknown adventure.

I set trends. Sometimes they catch on slowly, sometimes like wildfire, and sometimes not at all. But the match has been lit. 

And Finally, I will embrace my age. You can still be strong and beautiful any age, but you can only be 20 once. Fighting nature is silly. I have a consistent foot pain, so I’ve stopped wearing heels. My hair is getting grey, so I’ve stopped coloring it. I’m an early riser, so I don’t even think about going out after 10pm anymore. This is my authentic life. No matter how old I get or what people call me, I’m still me. I’m still beautiful and smart. Just a little slower and forgetful. :) And no amount of lipstick is going to tell me where I put my keys!

Last week when asked what will my grandkids call me, I said it makes no difference to me. Grandma is just fine. Because once they get to know me, they’re all going to call me the same thing anyway…Fabulous. And quite regularly when I forget my authentic self, I get scared and worry about things out of my control. But when I remember, my heart grows so big with love each day that I sometimes can’t even contain it. I thank God for His wisdom.

I wish you a Happy New Year, and pray that you live your best authentic life in 2019… not someone else’s. Now go eat that pie! 

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Feeding your mind, body and spirit.