The Spiritual Cleanse of 2019

The Spiritual Cleanse of 2019

I started fasting after my #1 son, Evan, was paralyzed from a car accident going on 9 years ago. A small tight group of my best friends and family put together a fundraiser, and it’s the first time I called for a fast and actually did one. At that point I was so desperate for Evan’s life and healing I would try anything! And so I can tell you from the bottom of my heart. With the right understanding, motivation, commitment and dedication, it works. What is a spiritual cleanse, you ask?  Is it a detox or a fast?  Yes… 

So every year, at least once, I fast. I pray for clarity, and strength and healing in general, and sometimes I have a specific topic for contemplation, like with Evan. Typically, I have an epiphany or a revelation. And always I end with that peace that surpasses all understanding. Where, for a time, all of my worries are washed away and the assurance of God’s presence abides brightly within my spirit. It’s the most comforting feeling on the planet.  Actually, it’s beyond this planet. 

I just completed a 7 day spiritual fast where simply put, each day I did not eat for 12 hours and I did not use electronics the other 12 hours. You heard me right. No cellphone, tablets, PC, TVs and the like. Not on silence or vibrate. OFF. I’m not sure which tried me the most, but the combination was extraordinary. And that’s why fasts work. They are hard.

Energetically, the beginning of the year is a great time to fast because everyone is hopped up with new expectations and goals for the year ahead. This time I have 2 people in mind for which I needed extra-strength healing. And Lord have mercy, President Trump is one of them. So you can see I needed a serious word! 

Sunday ended a 7 day spiritual fast where I did not eat from 6am to 6pm, and I did not use electronics from 6pm to 6am. I’m not sure which tried me the most, but the combination was extraordinary. It’s serious stuff. It is commitment. Every time you feel hungry, you are reminded of the importance of your journey. Every time you reach for technology, you remember, there’s nothing out there more important right now than what’s happening within.

And the quality of food that you do eat is the best to heighten your mental and physical receptivity to hearing your purpose. UGottaEat for a clean body, that produces clear thinking, and ultimately, gives birth to a lighter and unburdened spirit. 

This time, I followed this spiritual cleanse program that stretched me much further than traditional fasting. Eliminating technology in the evenings, energy, work, and affirmations pulled me out of my box and into spirit. There will be another “guided” fast in March, and if you are interested and would appreciate support, you can access the information here.

I only drank water and green tea during the fast, and on the first morning after, I got my Starbucks Red Eye on. :-)  And I was sooo happy. Inside and out. Can’t you tell? 

I’m not asking you to fast.  But I am asking you to eat mindfully, and I’m telling you that fasting is the mother of all mindful eating practices. You’ll see supernatural results in a short amount of time for a new beginning. Sweet!

If you’re curious, Evan is doing great! He publishes these blogs for me AND he is in Grad School, AND getting ready to move into his first house. 

 As for President Trump…we’ll see.  :)

 UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Feeding your mind, body and spirit.