Trust your Gut

Tonya Running A Half Marathon.jpeg

I ran a half marathon last week and it was a lot of fun. I don’t run anymore to beat my personal record. I start to finish. Simple.

After the race I woke up Monday morning with a sore throat and felt like crap. All of this on TOP of being sore from the race. The most aggravating symptom of this week is my bloated and distended stomach. My stomach is sticking out way too far!  I’m uncomfortable, sick AND my clothes are tight.  WTF?  How do you run 13.1 miles, and get bigger? Whyyyyy????   

The answer is almost always in the food.  I carbo-loaded.  Pasta and baguette the night before the race.  Then I ate my homemade chicken noodle soup (too many noodles) consistently for 2 days. There’s a basketball in my stomach trying to get out through my navel.  I’ll just say it…this week I’m a hot mess!

I know in my big old (not sexy) gut that the wheat is the culprit (pun intended). Typically, I avoid processed foods, and wheat always has to be processed to be consumed.  Now I realize in my zeal for energy for the race, and then to get over this cold that I’ve been eating flour for basically 5 days straight.  I’ve done this to myself, dang it.

Your stomach/gut/solar plexus area is also your intuitive center shown in these phrases, ... “I had a gut reaction.  I can’t stomach this. What is your gut telling you?” I also have butterflies in this area because I’ve taken sick days and I’m overwhelmed by the looming to-do list.

Thankfully the universe is kind and gives us guidance in the most peculiar ways.  My gut literally woke me up this week. Today I’m officially off the wheat. I require pristine clarity of my intuition to order my steps and conquer this to-do list.  So butterflies (and basketball) be gone! And since there are no coincidences, I leave you with the perfectly-timed message from yesterday’s Daily Affirmation in my book, A Year of ME, Mindful Eating to Improve Wellbeing

September 19th

I trust my intuition.

When your gut says “don’t” in any capacity, trust it. The best move is your first thought. We doubt ourselves and in that doubt are decisions that are not your best. Trust that you made the right decision when you go with your intuition.

However, and I’ll be frank, your desired results may not come from that immediate decision. Know that your intuition is giving you the best overall guidance. You need your trust and faith to persevere to the ultimate conclusion.

If you think you should turn right and you do, but the shortest distance was to turn left, that doesn’t mean your decision was wrong. Maybe you avoided a car accident or traffic jam. Maybe you’re about to meet the perfect contact or your one true love.

Trust your intuition every day. Especially when you are about to eat. What is your gut telling you today?


UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.