Going to Chuch



No, it’s not misspelled.  You may go to Church, but today ‘we goin’ to chuch!’.  I’m not going to keep you long.  I’m gonna write it as I feel it, and I don’t even care if it hurts my so-called S.E.O. Young folk call that Search Engine Optimization. To understand this post, you gotta read it in the voice of an old southern grandma.  Imagine the pastor says something soul-stirring, and your neighbor turns to you and says—Neighbor! we ‘bout to have some chuch up in here! Ok, now the stage has been set…

You ever been in a place where you are so low and then something happens in an instant that changes everything? You ever have that happen to you?  No?  Let me tell you a story.

Do you remember The Color Purple by Alice Walker?  It’s a book that won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and was made into a great movie that gave Oprah Winfrey her start in acting and film.  The movie was set in old Georgia after slavery when black people were still treated like chattel. In the movie, there was a scene, where Sofia (Oprah) goes into town and she gets into an altercation after the mayor’s wife, Miss Millie, insults her and her children. Several white policemen arrive and beat Sofia nearly to death.  They crack her skull, break her ribs and leave her scarred and blind in one eye. She is sentenced to 12 years in jail.  And then, THEN to add insult to injury, Sofia had to serve as Miss Millie's housemaid upon release. 

Sofia who had once been a vivacious woman and now she was broken. They broke her in two like a twig.  You ever felt like that? You just wanna give up because everything is working against you?  You get up and life keeps slapping you back down? I wish I had just one person here who knew what I’m talking about. 

So Sofia goes to the market, and her friend Celie (Whoopie Goldberg) sees her, takes her basket, does all the shopping and returns a full basket. Celie was a reprieve and a light to Sophia.  She later tells Celie…’ I remember that day in the store with Miss Millie - I'm feelin' real down, I'm feelin' mighty bad. And when I see you - I know that there is a God. I know that there is a God.’

You missed your shout. You see, Celie was a Godsend.

Last night I had an event, and no one came until I was packing up. I was feeling mighty bad.  When my guest arrived I took my coat back off, fixed her a plate and we held an event for one.  Sheila is such a sweet and kind soul and we had a great discussion. But when I got home and I started to think of all my efforts, and how the cards are stacked against me, and I decided to give up. Y'all making me work too hard. 

But I’m faithful folks!  (this is where the choir starts playing) And before I went to bed, I asked… GOD, What are you trying to tell me?!?!? And so friends I’m here to tell you this.  In the middle of the night, I heard as clearly the words you are reading on this page, that said the event was Perfect. That the event was only meant for my one guest, and that it is my work to do.  The work is the work.  Whether it’s for 1 or 1,000. Ooooh, wee! Somebody out there should have shouted! She was my Celie or maybe I was her Celie. I can’t be clear.  But it happened just the way He meant it. And it’s meant for me to write about so somebody else out there can be encouraged.  So I guess I’m not giving up.  I’m giving in.

Now, this would not be authentic without taking an offering.  If you’ve been helped, pass the plate and SHARE this post. Be the reprieve and the light for someone else.

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

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