Fixity of Purpose

Fixity of Purpose

Happy? Enjoying your time off? I am. As I spend more time with loved ones, I get to live life at a deeper level. I get to experience more of the emotions that are life affirming. We get to slow down and have conversations about what’s going on in other people’s lives.  We get to share a laugh or a cry, a moment of disbelief or celebration. Here’s my twist on my own Christmas story for 2018. This Christmas Eve, my Niece Amisha had her first baby…

This is my best friend, Toi’s daughter. Amisha and Niala are twins and they are actually, her stepdaughters. Jay, Toi’s husband, is their dad. Toi also has her son Donovan from her first marriage and her grandnephew LaQuan. Quite a tangle, huh? And of course, these are my nephews. I knew them before they were born. So the new baby that “we” brought in the world, is not related by blood, but just like this tightly knit family, is related by the interwoven fabric of all that Is

So on Christmas day, my son Evan and my husband Craig, Evan’s stepdad, all go to the hospital to visit Amisha, Belongo and baby Noah. We FaceTime’d my daughter Taylor, so she could also meet the baby too. I also have a tangle. The hospital was 90 minutes away, and we were honored to share in the love and blessings of the new young family, while they were still shrouded in the sweet pain and joy of the birthcloud.

This is really what Christmas is about. It’s about celebrating the birth of infinite grace and possibilities to live life joyfully and limitlessly. It’s about actualizing this grace through your relationships. By finding and locking in on your place in the world through the prism of love. In life, there are a symphony of points of light like these that get lost if you don’t awaken to them. They flitter by like glitter dust. But when you catch them it’s a holy instant. 

The purpose of life is to open up your life to string together as many of these cosmic collisions as possible. When that happens you’re living your life like its golden. This place is where everything speeds to an instant space in compressed time where you experience the web of life as a single diamond edge point. It could last a single moment, a day, a week or a season. It’s up to you. This place is so much more reachable this time of year when we open our hearts to it. 

Baby Noah is a holy instant. Babies are always a blessing. I’ve been running away from fear so long, I forgot to live. And because the universe is kind and God is merciful, He aligned all the stars with the perfect grace and precision to snap me out of my self judgement and back into his surety. Just like the birth of a baby. Brand new. My best friend’s step daughter’s first child. What a web. Miracles come in the most indirect ways, and they are waiting for us to grab each moment. Don’t waste this chance.

Happy Holidays People!

Congratulations to Amisha, Belongo & Baby Noah, and the entire Wagstaff - Raheem Family.

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