How Everything Comes Easy to Me: 4 Steps to making 2019 your B****


As we wind down 2018 and move into 2019 its natural to take stock how well the year went, and eager for another chance to get it right next year. A few people seem to think and have even told me that life comes easily to me. That’s a beautiful compliment, except when it is coming from a Victim personality. Then it’s more of an indictment, like “You couldn’t possibly understand what I’m going through. Everything comes easy to YOU!”  Well I’m here to tell you, Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair (Langston Hughes). But I’ve learned that all you have to do for an easy life in 2019 is…

…wrestle your inner Victim to the ground. Carolyn Myss says we all have many archetypes that make up our unique personality, but there are 4 we all share and the Victim is one of them. The Victim’s theme music is the “Somebody Done Me Wrong” song. Have you been around people like that? Do you know that tune? When the Victim sees others succeed, it makes them feel worse about themselves. The Victim is certain that others are out to steal their last breath of air. But don’t take it personally. The Victim knows not what they do.

If it looks like life comes easy to me, it is because I cooperate with it. There is really only one life, and we are all living it. Some do it the hard way, and others do it the easy way. I’ve suffered discrimination, deaths, tragedies, divorce and betrayals just like you. I’ve been robbed and abused, had horrible jobs and business failures. I’ve been broke, and I’ve been rich, and I’m broke again. For sure I will be rich again. See what just happened there? It’s perspective and mindset. Essentially, it’s hope. It takes a daily practice, and it is NOT a victim mentality.

Here are 4 things to do to make your inner Victim work for you:

1.  Comport yourself. Calm down and make space for stillness. Most situations are not a hair on fire event. Find your center.

2.  View the glass as half full, not half empty. Take a minute in your dark hour to wallow, but then take the next 59 to look for the positive ways to turn things around.

3.  Stop trying to make the Universe bend to your will. It’s the Universe, silly!!!  Understand its basic laws, and then YOU cooperate with IT

4.  Choose your mindset. Ask yourself, if this difficult situation persists, what qualities will I need to find peace with it? Then go about cultivating it. Is it patience, courage, forgiveness or maybe compassion? Think about it.

In the United Nations Annual study, Norway, Denmark and Finland are the 3 happiest countries in the world. With all of the money and opportunity, the United States is #18 of the top 20. We are a Victim-minded society. 

I want you to be happy. I want this country to be happy. So I ask you to choose a different perspective for 2019 and let life come easily to you too.  Invite your Victim to the table, and then and do the 4 steps above. The fact is, there is only one life and we all live it, collectively. 

But it IS someone else’s fault!! IT IS! I demand fairness! I hear you Victim. Come on in and have a seat. I’m about to make you my bitch.

Happy New Year!

UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Feeding your Mind, Body and Spirit.