Sharing: Brown Bagging It

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I came home and found something protruding out of my front door.  I was a little aggravated because it was one of those big old grocery store bags, and when I pulled up it was awkwardly sticking out from the door jamb.  I was like, who the heck stuck this #0!@% here…?  But the note attached said, if you wish to help us fight hunger in Hampton Roads, please bring filled bags to the clubhouse by…  And I immediately softened. I love it! This is what we talk about all the time, sharing with other people! But there’s gotta be a better way than a bag in my door. And guess what there is… 

The UGottaEat app allows you to post food you have to share for others to receive.  Be the first in your area to invite friends, and begin sharing among yourselves and reach out to help others.  Let your local soup kitchen, food bank/pantry, or church know that the families they support can use the app too. Then you can share year-round. No brown paper bags. No cleaning out the cabinet looking for canned food you want to part with that hasn’t expired (or has). This year, expand your heart…and your method. The world needs soldiers who are out there fighting for good and for their fellow neighbors…every day.

So why DO people give more during the holidays?  Year-end is a manufactured expiry.  People are in need whether you get a tax deduction or a matching contribution by December 31st.  Make a difference by sharing a meal. It’s a life-sustaining gesture you can do right here and now by starting a sharing circle in your community.  Go to a food desert or local soup kitchen and gift the platform that keeps giving well beyond year-end.

We are going to spend the rest of the year and the holidays, I dare say our lives, spreading the message and inspiring you to share with others as a lifestyle.  It's radical, yes, but it’s so fulfilling. Think about this at Thanksgiving when you have all that extra food. When you start throwing away those leftovers, remember you could be sharing those servings with other REAL people, saving the planet and saving lives! So go ahead and get all your cousins and start sharing. ☺  In the spirit, I am sharing an affirmation for you to get in the right headspace from A Year of ME.

November 8th

I am a positive influence on my community.


Each recycled water bottle, each walk instead of drive, and each donation of canned goods better your community. It betters your wellbeing, also, through actively curating a better planet and a fulfilled community. For me, when I think of my community, I notice that I’m a positive influence by offering help to people shopping for groceries by suggesting healthy and positive choices.

You can better your community by joining a community garden. You become a part of a group that’s hoping to improve the health of others, and it all starts with a pack of seeds.

Right now, think of yourself as a seed in that garden. Others might come and water you, and you might nourish others in return. Soon, you blossom into a plant that has the power to influence health in the lives of your neighbors. 

When you nourish your community, you cultivate a place of happiness and health for yourself as well.


UGottaEat…so eat mindfully.

Feeding your mind, body, and spirit.