Consider It Pure Joy

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This past spring when I was visiting Marci in Atlanta, we got up early and went on a long walk before our families would miss us.  It was good old girl talk, catching up on our families, work, hopes and dreams.  I confided in her about some worries I had about Money (before it left me 😊).  There were some tough decisions to make that felt right in my heart, but were uncomfortably risky in my head. I shared that whenever I find a penny or see a butterfly, that it is a positive omen, like in my favorite book, The Alchemist. She reminded me that God always gives us direction and to go with my intuition.  Whether you believe what happens next might guide you to your next miracle…

We walked through the neighborhood and as soon as we got to the school parking lot, I found a penny!  She said, wow, good for you!  I was happy, but still worried. Then I found 12 cents! Now she is a witness. By the time we circled that school, I found 42 cents with no quarters!!  Quite remarkable. Or maybe not.

This is actually how the universe speaks to us. Coincidences are small miracles.  You recognize this by the fact that you have an unbelievable feeling, like wow, this is crazy, I was just about to call you when the phone rang!   When really, these things happen all the time. A Course in Miracles says that miracles are natural, and when they do not occur, THAT is when something has gone wrong. Recognizing these miracles (coincidences) is a sign of your willingness to follow your divine purpose or go with flow or walk in faith.

A few days later my worry starts to swell up again in my chest and its getting the best of me.  This time, and I am not making this up, when I get out of my car a butterfly lands on it.  I moved slowly to get a pic without scaring it off.  Marci wouldn’t believe this!  But no worries.  The butterfly sat there for a long while as if to say, take your time, I’ll wait. I am learning without any doubt, to take guidance from a higher place. Ironically, when things are at their worst, that’s when it’s really time to believe in miracles. 

I share all of this because November has been another month of trouble, but also of synchronicities. The fires, deaths, election bickering, shootings, and sickening stories of hunger and poverty have weighed heavily on many of us.  As I was thinking on these things and what I would write about…you guessed it, I found a penny. The universe is still giving direction, and hope, even in the midst of fear and worry.  The way to get your personal message is to “Stay Woke” as the saying now goes. 

Finally, it’s also no coincidence that the speaker at church this week impressed this title on me with the telling of her bold struggle of defying the odds and overcoming cancer in her book entitled Consider It Pure Joy. I hope to pass along her message to you by reminding you to follow your omens (little miracles) straight through the fear and into the light. That’s where to find the flow.  That’s where all is well.

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Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.                                                                                                                          --James 1:2-4