I am the President—A Halloween Story

The Twilight Zone.png

It’s Halloween and the only thing scaring me is the emotional state of our Nation.  It’s no cosmic accident that fear is at an all-time high in this ghoulish season.  Well, I’m certainly in the spirit. So for Halloween, I went as the President of the United States and here is what happened in my blog address to the Nation…

As President, I want to unite the country and I ask for your understanding.  We’ve gotten to a point that no one is willing to see the other side of an issue.  We are much more alike than we are different.  This year’s Halloween party is a twisted game. It’s like the Twilight Zone, but it takes place in the Compassion Zone, and it’s a real place. In this space, you act as a mirror to your opponent. I want to be happy and feel secure, and so do you.  I want to be loved, and so do you.  I want my family safe and so do you.  See?  Easy. 

Now the flip side is trickier and takes a lot more work.  As President, I go first and lay out my cards here and they are plain and simple:

  1. I like to get things done in chaos.  It’s how I get attention. (go vote)

  2. I am a fantastic person.  Rich and Successful. (go vote)

  3. I want closed borders because it makes me feel safe and I don’t want to share with anyone. (go vote)

  4. I am showing that the media, the democrats and bad hombres are what’s wrong with this country. (go vote) 

That felt good.  Now by executive order my opponent was required to take one card at a time and mirror back how they can see my side of things. This can only be done in the Compassion zone. Here’s what I heard from their mirroring in the latest polls (if you can believe them):

  1. You also would like to be heard, speak your truth with wild abandon and be acknowledged, but you’re frustrated that you don’t have that privilege. (go vote)

  2. You, like me, measure success by money and status.  You just have to come to grips with the fact that however I did it, I am more successful than you. (go vote)

  3. You also want to be safe. But you feel safety in diversity, and I feel safety in sameness.   (go vote)

  4. You agree that my tweets have solidified my base. You are still confounded but recognize my party is solidly behind me because if you can’t beat ‘em… (go VOTE)

I love this game.  I like it when you agree with me.  Unfortunately, there’s no time for me to mirror back your position.  But we’re all friends here, right? I got a strong feeling that I should encourage everyone to go vote (if you have a valid ID of course).  And I always listen to myself, and I always win. Let’s make this country great again. We are a fantastic, mighty, mighty nation and I love this country. It’s made me a lot of money.  

So we’ll see what happens.  God Bless You, and God Bless the United States of America!

On November 6th, vote your conscience, and whatever you do…keep hope alive. It’s the mindful way to the Light and reconciliation. Happy Halloween, people!

UGottaEat…so VOTE mindfully.

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